Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Stuff with Dad

One of the things you might have noticed while browsing through our summer fun is that Clay is not present in A LOT of the pictures. Most of this is because we do a lot of our adventures during the day while he is at work, but a major reason why he is missing from most of the activities is he is a guy and cannot STAND to have his picture taken. So sometimes when an opportunity presents itself I grab my camera as fast as I can and SNAP! One of the things I have gotten the kids hooked to is going yard saleing with me on Saturday mornings. The first time we went Tate learned a valuable lesson because a house had a Thomas set and when I said he could not play with it he threw a into the car he went and did not get to look at another yard sale. Now he knows you cannot throw fits when you go to a yard sale! Anywho when we went out the next weekend we found something pretty cool...a train set. It is a train that people buy at Christmas time to go around the tree; it was in mint condition and they had the price set at 10. I was sitting there debating because I wanted to buy it but I was soo wishing Tate was not with me because I would have wrapped it up for his bday, but he was with me so oh well. The lady was like I will take 7 for it so I jumped on it! When we got home that was all Tate did and here were a few pics of Clay helping the kids with the train!

July 23, 2011

On July 25, 2011, we went for another picnic up in the South Hills but this time it was later so the men folk could come too. We got there first so while we walked in the water & of course threw rocks in the water I told Clay that I had no pictures of him with the kids so he agreed to take a picture!! Good thing too because as the night went on his mood went downhill so I would have never gotten a picture out of him. Here he is with the kids in the water!

Tate with what else....a rock in his hand he could do this ALL day without stopping. ALL BOY for sure!

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