Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 2nd, 2011: Today we kicked off the fourth by having a nice family-boating-outing (mouthfull right?!) We headed to Murtaugh Lake to soak up some rays and enjoy the boat. When the three kiddos (Rees, Carson, and Tate) were hanging out on the tube in the water they hooked it up and started moving, and as my anxiety attack began to take over I was a nervous wreck watching Tate tube! Everyone in the boat kind of learned by narotic side and that I am not the most adventourous person out there :) He made it through and loved it, but I was not excited at all...I kept yelling at Clint to slow down and they just all laughed. Tate has gone out a few other times now so I'm not such a worry wort because he loves just riding the tube, but I just know if he falls off it will take me about a second to jump in after him!!

Some of the boating crew: Grandma Stanger, Mayzee, Shelly, Briley, Carson, Brianne, Clint, Holly (Brianne's sis-in-law)


Rees, Carson, Briley all looking at something exciting!

Getting ready to tube!!

Out on the water!

Coming in after a ride: Tate, Briley, Rees

Bryce, Carson, Brianne

Hot Sis-in-laws :)...Shelly, Bri, & Brianne

Brittley came to have dinner, but not much else she got strep throat on Thursday so her coming out was after being on antibiotics for 24 hours...such a bummer to be so sick and tired during the 4th of July weekend :(

Lil Mizz Mayzee was having a lot of fun just playing around the lake shore!

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