Monday, January 30, 2012


 In 2011 I made my first quilt (actually finished)! I started another quilt awhile ago, but I still have not finished it. But this quilt I did. I decided to do something with all of my cheer shirts from coaching and voila a quilt was made! I started this awhile ago, but did not cut them out quite right so shirts that I had already cut had to be pieced with other materials to make the right size of square.

 After cutting the squares I sewed a border around each square with alternating columbia and navy blue strips. I finished the quilt by putting a white border around the entire quilt to finish it and put navy on the back. It is a very comfortable quilt and this way I will be able to cherish my coaching/cheer memories forever. (Some of the squares are from when I cheered, graduated, and went to nationals)
 The final production!
 This a fitted car seat I made for a lady. It was the first time I made this kind of car seat tent and it turned out pretty good. It also has a split opening in the front.

 I may have already posted this, but here is another car seat tent I made for Retha and her new baby Vaughn. I love the colors of this fabric!

 This is the very short table runner I made for Halloween this year. I do not have a large table, so little it had to be. It was the first time I sewed pleats so that was cool to learn.
 Here is the final production with some decor to go along with it. I also made a Halloween wreath, but did not take a picture of it. I just used black and white fabric with some fun accessories. 
 This last craft I made was a shirt for Brittley. It was spirit day at KES and Brittley did not have any red shirts so we improvised and I just made some red yo-yo fabrics and put them on her shirt.
 Close up of the flowers
 Miss Thing posing

The neat thing about crafting is all of these were done while I was still in school. I sometimes have so much going on I cannot think straight, but when I find time to do something enriching for myself I feel extra special for being able to squeeze it in!

Read Like an Eagle

 At Brittley's school they have a program/homework that if the student reads for fifteen minutes (alone) each night they get to color in a square. If they get all the squares colored by the designated day then the kids get a book-it from Pizza Hut. If they did it for three months in a row then they get a T-Shirt and free basketball tickets. Well even though Brittley did not want to do it some of the time I always had her do it and when she got that T-Shirt she was very happy. On January 14, 2012 we went to the CSI basketball game where they honored the students from Kimberly and Jerome schools who completed the reading requirements. She was a little celebrity walking on that basketball court and I was a very proud momma! She may not have liked to be pushed, but in the end it was worth it to her (and of course I knew that ;)!

 She is the 5th kid from the back with the boots on
Looking up at mom!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tate's First Day of Preschool


After dropping Brittley off I took Tate to his first day of Preschool. I filled out the registation forms and then kissed my lil man goodbye; I cannot believe my guy is a big boy now in preschool. It was nice for me because I headed into Twin to run some errands alone, but that will not happen after next week because I will be going to school while he is going to preschool. Anyways, I picked him up and the first words out of his mouth? "Mom I was good today!"
He talked about school the whole way home, and his teacher Miss Lisa told me he knows a lot of his stuff and is ahead for his age. My smart lil guy getting all big on me! Tear for mom, and happy dance for Tate!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


NYE 2011: This year we were pretty low-key. Clay and I went to dinner at A Taste of Thai and then went and scoped out Christmas Clearance at Target (real exciting :) We definitely did not stay up till midnight, I was out at like 10:30...pregnancy does not cooperate with NYE. I just love spending this time with the people I love the mostest!! 
So onto the the New Year Resolutions....
When we were at dinner I asked Clay what his were and he replied, "To lose one pound." 
I guess he will accomplish his pretty early on :)

Here are mine:
1. To be sealed to Clay and my family
2. Bills paid off
3. Run a half marathon and the Rim2Rim again
4. Maintain my GPA 
5. Go on vacation with my man before baby #3 comes our way :)))

Not as many as last year, but so important for 2012. I cannot believe our family is FINALLY getting sealed together for time and eternity. It seems so surreal, but such a blessing to be happening!!

Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Kona

 Christmas Eve started out with a full house and dinner with the entire Hall Family. These pictures of my sister, her husband, and her beautiful daughter were taken because the only pictures I have of their family are from back in 2008! So I got after her and they took these right after they got there. We ate a great dinner, watched Christmas movies, put out cookies for Santa, and then went to bed to wait for Santa to come. Well  the fun kind of stopped there because with a house full of people its bound to be a little louder than normal, but the power went off from 2 in the morning to 6, so every little sound was intensified and sleep was not as great as usual. But we made it through and Christmas Morning was everything the kids hoped and dreamed for!

 This was how Clay acts when I try to take a picture of him...poor sport :)

 Christmas Eve Jammies

 Getting Santa's cookies, milk, and note ready!

 CHRISTMAS MORNING!!! Brittley got a LaLaLoopsy Doll from Santa (the right one with white hair) and Tate got some cars from Cars2...but he was not as excited as Brittley was about Santa's gift.
 Rapunzel doll from The Fontes
 Tate's opening present experience...this has been the best year with him so far he finally got into all of the Christmas frenzy!

 Brittley's new Christmas outfit..complete with sparkly boots :)
 Tate showing off his Christmas outfit and new scooter
 Stanger Family 2011....and my baby bump finally making its way {out}
 On December 27, 2011, Clay went to Spanish Fork, Utah, to pick up another special Christmas present for our family...Miss Kona Stanger was born on November 17, 2011 and brought into our family when she was 5 weeks old. We are so happy to have her in our lives. She is a full bred German Shepard with a father from Germany. We lucked out finding this beauty so near by to our home and so lucky to have her with our family now!