Monday, February 27, 2012

Through the months....

 As most people know I am prego. I have never really "documented" my progression of growing BIGGER, but decided to do it this time around. I am also going to document myself getting smaller which should be an interesting feat (hopefully). Well here I go through the months...

Five months and we are having another little {BOY} his name is going to be Augie Gene Stanger and yes it is unique, but we are all excited about it. 
I love that Brittley comes right to my belly..pretty soon I will be pushing her out or she'll have to be underneath it! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Remodel Part 2: Kitchen

 The other part of the remodel was the kitchen. I can honestly say I was not sad to see this kitchen go. I was very excited about a new kitchen with no wallpaper trim. So here we go through the steps of remodeling a kitchen!
 Stove area and notice the holed up will change as we go through!
 Door, extra window to see into the kitchen and entry way...sink area and fridge before
 How we lived for a few weeks, but even tighter because the next day the fridge and the stove were moved into the living room as well. We lived off of the microwave, ate only with plastic utensils and paper plates, and poor Clay pretty much could never find anything to eat for dinner.
 After everything was torn out (stove area)
 Entry way 
 Sink area
 Dining room
 Getting some new walls

 NEW CABINETS!!! Look how nice it already looks just with that door boarded up and new cabinets put in!

 New Fooring
Look no window! 
This was a process and I have new sympathy for anyone who undergoes a massive remodeling on their house because it really stinks not being able to use a kitchen even if it was for a few weeks, I couldn't imagine going longer without it. We ate Sunday dinners at my mom's and then ate sometimes with Clay's mom just to save us from eating microwaveable food all the time. But it was ALL WORTH IT! I have so much more room, not only with cabinets but counter space as well. My kitchen is sooo much cleaner looking too and I really appreciate it. I am so grateful for the remodel, and even though we are not going to be living here for too much longer I am so glad to have this nice kitchen and bathroom while we are still here!!!

Remodel Part 1: Bathroom

Take a look at the background area in this picture to see the bathroom before. I did not take any good "before" pictures but you kind of see the layout. There is a door that lead into the KITCHEN that did not shut completely so it is not a bathroom you would want to use with people over, but it was convenient when you had to go and you were in the kitchen :) There was an old claw-footed tub, sink, toilet and everything was white. Well the week of January 3rd they came in and tore out the toilet and the bathroom and it all started from there.
This is after everything was taken out and they had textured the walls.

They closed up the door to the kitchen and this was the only and out of our bedroom. Good thing there was no skeletons in the closet to hide lol. 
The new wall to cover up the bathroom door
The new tub/shower!! I cannot even begin to tell how excited I was for this because we only had a shower or a tub not both and the shower is a little tight. When I was my normal size it was not a big deal, but having this belly on me I kept thinking shaving my legs is going to get harder and harder ;) so by getting this tub/shower I have room to move!
When we were going through the remodel there were various occasions where they had to shut the water off and there were just so many people working on the kitchen & bathroom that it was hard to be home so thankfully we have family nearby to hang with. This is Tate and Kona enjoying the snow while it lasted!

New Tub
New toilet and flooring
New Vanity
Paint Job
Miss Brittley taking a picture of herself
I am so thankful for this remodel. The bathroom is seems so much bigger than before and it looks so nice. I am so thankful for Paul and Jess for choosing to go through with this because I am VERY GRATEFUL for the after!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

 Valentine's Day: February 14, 2012
My little cupcake went to school dressed oh so cute, while momma went to school and then CLEANED the house and decorated a little for the family. By the time I sat down for dinner I was so exhausted; my feet hurt  and I was ready to finally relax. I made baby back ribs, twice baked potatoes, and rolls. For dessert I went to the experts (which is Fred Meyers) and got a delicious fruit tart. We had a nice family night at home to celebrate our day of love together!
 My two favorite Valentines~They got a bag of M&M's and Lilo and Stitch from mom and day. 
Tate had his first Valentine's party at preschool and when I told him to pick out a red shirt to wear he put on his Christmas shirt. When he left preschool he told his teacher Merry Christmas! So he was celebrating two holidays!
 Brittley's rendition of "Just Go With It" photos the kids took with Adam Sandler :) We had a great Valentine's Day and I just LOVE my family oh so much. I am very thankful for each and every one of them and I could not imagine life without them. I am very thankful for the baby coming and the new little blessing we will have in our lives! Happy Valentine's Day!