Monday, September 28, 2009

Trip to the Temple

Brittley got to go to the Twin Falls Temple grounds for a Primary Activity Day. It was a little windy, but she was absolutely thrilled to go. When anybody asked her what she was doing she would say, "I'm going to the temple to get married today! And Dawson is going to be there (her prince charming)" She didn't get married, but she had a lot of fun with the kids and playing with little Sam Nesmith. Her Grandpa Stanger was the tour guide for the group and then afterwards her and mommy went to Tomato's with Grandma & Grandpa Hall and Jett. Such a fun day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tate Turns Two!

To My Big Boy Tate: Happy Birthday little man I can't believe you are already 2! And what a crazy 2 years it has been! Tate is all boy through and through. He loves dirt, climbing, being outside, and Cars! He thinks all balls are cool and loves playing football outside. After he discovered basketball hoops he will use anything that semi looks like a hoop as a net. I have wreaths inside my house and he tries and throws balls between them! Tate loves to be with Brittley and it really is a love/hate relationship like all kids. He's either trying to push her away or giving her loves all within a minute! I love you Tate thanks for bring sunshine into our lives!

Right after he woke up on his birthday-September 19th
This is his model pose!

Tate and Mommy

Sleeping at the top of the bleachers at Bruin Stadium!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Target Deal September 11th!

All right so here is my fabulous find for this week!

This week at Target they had a special on their Fiber One Chewy Granola Bars. If you bought 5 you got a $5 gift card for your next purchase. So here is what I got:

Transaction #1:

5 Boxes of Granola Bars @ $2.50
Total: 12.50
Coupons: -2 (40 cents off 1 box x 5) -2.20(1.10 off 2 boxes x 2) -$5 giftcard from last week's Special K purchase
I paid: $3.70

Transaction #2:
Same thing as above once again I paid $3.70

Transaction #3:
7 lbs. of cat food
2 Packs of markers
1 pack of travel kleenex

Total: 7.90
Coupon: -$5 target gift card
I paid: $2.90

So all together I paid $10.30 what a wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Girl Brittley

1st Day of School

I volunteered to be a "bus rider" for Brittley's here we are @ 7 in the morning riding the bus to pick up the other kids! (tate was Super excited to be able to go on Brittley's bus!)

Pretty little dancer

And a picture with her kitty Marie!

My little Brittley is turning into a BIG girl! She had her first day of PreSchool on August 27, 2009. She is attending HeadStart in Hansen, ID. She gets to ride a bus to and from school and loves it. She goes Thursday and Friday every week and so far just absolutely loves it! She also had her first day of dance class this year on September 8, 2009. She has 1 new teacher Amanda Mingo and Miss Kristian. We completely miss Cassia being her teacher and today I felt completely out of place without her there. I think Brittley had an okay adjusting, but mom sure didn't....(I don't do well with change, but especially when it has to do with someone I love so much!) But Brittley is 4 years old and her life and ours has completely changed this year with her being in PreSchool....she only has one year left until she is in school full time until she is all grown up! I love you big Girl!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

1st Shopping Blog!

1st Stop: Target
This week at Target they had a promo that if you bought 4 boxes of Special got a $5 gift card. I bought 4 boxes the first round used (2)$1 off 2 Special K plus (1) $1 off Special K Blueberry making my total $6.83. My second transaction I did the same thing used the $5 giftcard and only paid $1.83, but since I got another $5 gift card I basically got all 8 boxes for $3.66! Super savings since we LOVE Special K and it is a pretty expensive cereal.

I did not realize how late I was going to be here so my poor kids had to stay here with me till 11:00 at night! But anyways here are my super transactions!
Transaction #1
6 Pilsbury Grands Biscuits
2 Bisquik Mixes
6 Progresso Soups
Total: $21.50
- 5 in coupons
-10 catalina bucks(from last purchase)
I paid: $6.50
Transaction # 2
5 Boxes Green Giant Veggies
2 Bags of Steamer Green Giant Veggies
4 Boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars
Total: $20.49
-6.10 in coupons
-$5 catalina bucks
I paid: $9.39
On this transaction though I had a little mishap because one of the steamer's didn't ring up right so I had to wait and have them fix it so I got a $2.50 catalina for the Nature Valley Granola Bars....and then the cashier who I love rang in a fake transaction to get me my $5 catalina for the General mills, but when she rang it up she used the Nature Valley Granola Bars and so I got a $3.50 catalina reward and a $5 catalina reward that I used on my last transaction.
Transaction #3
2 8oz Bags of Shredded Cheese
2lbs of hamburger meat
1 Stouffers frozen Lasagna
Total: $22.27
-3 in coupons
-16 in Catalina Bucks
I paid: $3.27

So all together I paid about $23 and got 38 items which normally would of came out to about 76-80 at another store without coupons! So thank you to the coupon world for including me in because I am SO grateful!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am going to be posting more and more about savings...because I've been trying more and more to be thriftier...I am alread thrifty (I can tell you all about how to be EXTREMELY thrifty with Target(my mother store)) but I am taking tips from other moms and trying to be more frugal with grocery shopping. I got $50 worth of groceries for 15 but that is not enough so I am keeping you updated on my frugal finds! and hopefully i can pass it along because if I can groceries for can everyone else!