Saturday, May 26, 2012

May Happenings

 On May 18th, we went to Brittley's school for the school picnic. It was really Grandparent's Day, but being on a Friday, all of Brittley's Grandparents were not available so Tate and I went instead. We had a lot of fun eating with Brittley, and then we went to the book fair. Afterwards the kids played outside until it was time for Brittley to head back to class! Such a fun day!

 May 22, 2012: Tate had a preschool program and I will post videos in my next post because it was very entertaining to watch him sing his songs! He, like usual, was very boisterous and enthusiastic about singing and participating in his program. I was one proud momma!

 Hugging Ms. Lisa after getting his preschool award!

 On May 23rd we went to Brittley's class to bring treats for her birthday. Yes, her birthday is not until June 1st, but she will not be in school and she really wanted to bring in treats so mom to the rescue :)! A kid earlier in the year brought doughnuts for treats so that was what Brittley wanted too and I thought it was a GREAT idea since I didn't have to make anything!

 During the month of May the kids have been going to swimming lessons at the city pool twice a week. Brittley did very well and Tate was great too, but had issues with listening or at least I thought he did, but he still did really well and was just diving in swimming under water. It was very fun to watch the two of them each week and I was very proud of the both of them!

 Brittley is at the wall in the second group

 After class they got to go down the slide...their favorite part of swimming lessons!
 Brittley is chasing her instructor...when they first started Brittley said, "I hope my teacher is a boy and he is nice." I just was thinking okay that's weird, and low and behold her teacher was a boy and he was nice! lol

 May 24, 2012: Tate's LAST DAY of preschool! 

 May 25th, 2012: Brittley's LAST DAY of 1st Grade!!