Friday, July 13, 2012

 Anderson Reservoir 2012
This was such a fun and needed trip. We went with only one of our kids and then Paul and Jess had Miss Aizy who is just the cutest baby on the planet. I mean I am very partial to my own kids, but she is the happiest little thing ever and we had a fun time watching her during the camping trip. Augie and Aizy were both good lil' campers we had a great time with them. I love my other kids, but it was fun having some mom and dad time. 
Jess and I slept in the trailer with Aizy and Augie and I am very grateful for Xtreme Motors for donating the trailer or it would have been a very short trip because it was so hot during the day that the tents were not an options for babies to sleep in.
We went with Paul, Jess, & Aizy, Brianne and Clint, Chris, and then Jack and Kona were there together. Friday night we celebrated Clint's birthday by roasting smores :)
 This was Friday morning; after everyone left on the boat I laid Augie down for a nap and he slept the whole time they were gone so I laid out, read my book, and got in the water whenever I got too hot it was perfect! I could not go on the boat since Augie is so little and I could not wake board anyways because when we left I was almost 5 weeks after giving birth and so it was not my time yet to participate in any strenuous activities, but I really enjoyed my moments to relax and rest in such a beautiful place!
 My lil' camper

 On Friday late afternoon the babies were getting hot and so were the adults so we decided to drive into Pine and cool off with AC in the car. We all got ice cream treats from the little convenience store which was exactly what we all needed, but when we got back there was some nice winds and a little rain that none of us were expecting, but good thing we got back when we did because the awning fell down and Brianne and Clint's tent blew over. The same thing happened on Saturday at about the same time, but this time Clay's tent blew over...crazy wind!
 The choppy water from the wind storm!
 Every morning Augie was all smiles and I loved it!

 It was nice to be able to give Augie a bath in the trailer sink so he could stay clean!!

 Clay is getting Clint's birthday "candle" (a burning marshmallow) for him to blow out while we all sang Happy Birthday to him!!

 It is kind of hard to tell, but all the little bumps are bug bites. The bugs were horrible and luckily Augie did not get ONE bug bite, but Clay on the other hand looked like he had chicken pox! They were all over him, but being Clay he acted like no big deal while the rest of us were going nuts!!
 The hot hubby jumping the wake! Clint and Brianne stayed behind with Augie so I could go out on the boat once. It was so nice and I was able to wash my hair too, because the boat had a hose that runs hot lake water when the engine is on. It was freezing in the lake when I jumped in so it was nice to rinse off with warm water!!
 Paul, Jess, and Aizy
 Clint and Brianne
 Clay and Augie
 Jack..this is how far Jack usually would get and then just stand there pretty much debating if he should go any further :)
 sweet little Aizy
 Paul's Saturday night fire tower


 The family photo the morning we left complete with kissing dogs!

I kept saying chunky monkey to him and he would smile because he knew he was going home!!!

Let Freedom Ring!

 Festivities began with a camp-out in the backyard with dad (minus mom and Augie) on July 3rd. They did great, Brittley came in about 2:00 a.m., Clay said he came in about 5 a.m., and Tate stayed the whole night!!

 Clay with all of his "kids" including Kona and like usual Clay is making a great face, so when I took the next picture I said, "We love our kids!!" that made him smile!!

 4th of July!! I love this day, we went to the good ol' Hansen parade, and Tate got to be in it with kids from his t-ball team, then we went into town and on the way home got a swimming pool for the kids/dad to play in, and then we went to Brianne and Clint's for a 4th of July bbq with Clint's family and some family friends of theirs. It was great day and I was so glad to have all 3 of my kiddos to celebrate with!

 Mayzee saying chheeeeezz!
 A cake to celebrate all of the July birthdays and there was a lot, but the best day is the 29th, because I not only celebrate but I get to celebrate with a cute little girl named Rees!!!

 Sack races were great, except we did not realize they would cause such psychological meltdowns!! Tate, Mayzee, and Rees all were upset at one point or another about not winning, but Tate and Mayzee reeeallly had melt downs!

 Running races...Tate definitely had a little "head start" but he was sooo excited to win!

 The adults turn...

FIREWORKS!! We just went up to Grandma & Grandpa Stanger's after this and watched Hansen's big ol' fireworks! Happy 4th of July!!