Saturday, July 30, 2011

South Hills Hike

On July 21, 2011 we went on a picnic up in the South Hills during the day with some of the Stanger Clan. Josh had his fishing gear, but the fish were not biting and it does not help when all the kids just want to throw rocks in the water! But even though we did not catch a fish we had a ton of fun just hanging out with the cousins, playing in the water, eating picnic food, and avoiding (some were not so lucky) horse flies! We always love going on adventures with the Stanger Clan in the summer time it just has been a lot easier this year to hang out with everyone because I do not have to go around cheer schedules or work!

Tater Bug

Miss Britt

The girls playing "bears"

Miss Mayzee

Going for a walk


Look at my little posers and Rees has the head tilt going on too!

Grandma & Mayzee

Josh & Teresa

Mayzee & Brianne

Jordan & Wesley

Our lil Family :)

Tate after he got in time out for throwing rocks at someone probably me

All the kiddos present: *Wesley*Jordan*Tate*Brittley*Rees*Maddie*McKenna*Lily*Mayzee*

Mayzee just learned how to fold her arms and kept doing it while we were going to take a picture so we made all the kids do it...oh the sweet little souls!

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