Saturday, August 28, 2010

Every year we head out to the Jerome county fair because first of all it is FREE and second of all the kids LOVE looking at all the animals. This year was probably the best year because all the kids are old enough to love the animals. Tate could not get enough of SHEEP...he loved to pet them and feel their soft skin/coats whatever you want to call it. We knew some of the kids that had sheep in the fair and they went over and started "talking" to the sheep. Whenever they'd say baaa...the sheep would answer back baaaahh! Tate laughed so hard every time it did it. So all in all they had a GREAT time at the fair!

Checking "under the hood"

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wurtz's Last Day

We had such a fun time with cousins this summer and loved having the Wurtz's here for a month. We always hate living sooo far from family, but love seeing them when we can. We went swimming, had weenie roasts, and lots of fun and laughter! Logenn and Hadley got to see me in my element at cheer practice and I just loved being around little Chase. Braeden had so much fun playing with Brittley and Tate just loves to be around long as they are outside! Thanks for the memories we will miss you guys!

Tina, Shelly, Bri, Leejean, Brianne, & Judy only missing one sis: Karina!

Tate sat on the swing for about 5 minutes crying because no one would push him....awww poor kid!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Bri and Rees!

Happy Birthday to Me....and Rees!! We have the same birthday, the greatest day JULY 29TH!!
I was teaching Jerome's Cheer camp that week so my day was a little jammed packed. I was there from 9 to 4, and then we had a super Thursday craft night for relief society and then my family came over for cake and ice cream. I got a tent from my parents, a frame made by Sarah, and a Coach purse from Cassia (I know a COACH purse from a friend???? She loves me!!) and then the best gift of all: I gave money to my mom and told her to let Brittley pick out a gift for me so here is what she got me: 2 spiral notebooks (1 red and 1 blue..because those are my FAVORITE colors???!! lol) a pack of M & M's, Ghiradeli chocolates, markers, and an oven mitt/kitchen towel combo!!! I was so happy that she picked that out all by herself...I love my friends and family soooo much!
Friday night we went to dinner with friends and had a great time at Johnny Carino's and then Saturday we celebrated Rees's birthday. It was a great weekend, but I started to feel a little under the weather Friday, but still had a fun weekend. Thank you for all my presents and for everyone there to celebrate my 25th and Rees's 3rd!

Friday, August 13, 2010


We went to Nat-Soo-Pah for the first time this year with the Stanger Family. It was a ton of fun and Brittley was a little fish. I love that this pool allows floatees and things because all I had to do was put a life jacket on both kids and they were good. Tate was stuck to me like glue the whole time so it wouldn't have mattered anyway. There is one big pool and it is a heated pool and then a hot tub and a soak pool...which is SUPER hot!! There is a fun slide for the kids to go down and a low and high dive. Logenn wanted me to go off the diving board so I showed off a little. I did a front flip and two back flips...and that was actually the FIRST time I had ever done a back flip off the diving board!! I just figured if I can do it on the ground I can do it off a diving board and voila...I DID!!! 25 and still flipping who hoo!!