Sunday, April 3, 2011

March, March, March 2011

The two kiddos doing what they love most...Tate eating PANCAKES..Brittley working at her "desk"!!

At the beginning of March we went to Blackfoot, ID to watch our cousin, Maren in her second play. She was in the chorus in Joseph and the Technicolor coat, it was a very cute play. Her mom was in the play as well when she was younger so we sang along with the songs. Brittley absolutely loved the play especially when the pharoh came and sat next to her and sang to her!

Brittley & Tate constructed their first "house" together, but instead of making one they could actually get into, they just made one that kept them out. Then they went on to "fix" other things around the house with their tools. I just love that they have flowers on their house!

St. Patrick's Day: March 17, 2011: This was the first year Brittley kind of knew the concept because of school. I was trying to explain it to her but she still wasn't sure until they talked about it in class. When she came home I said you have to wear green, and she said, "Yeah because I don't want to get pinched!" Oh it has begun! The kids loved the green shirts & I made green cookies for them!

For Spring Break this year the kids and I went to St. George, UT with my parents. The drive there was extremely looooonnng, but being that I was only on about 4 hours of sleep I slept for pretty much the entire way (it is nice to not be driving). We got to St. George around 6:30 and went straight to the grandparents house. The kids and I stayed at a hotel because my grandparents live in a little trailer & I wanted some space. The first day there we got up and went to the animal museum....just think Cabella's with nothing to buy :)....the kids loved it though so that was all that matter. After doing that & lunch at Olive Garden we went to the outlets, all I have to say is nothing too exciting, except the Children's Place. After that we went to tour Brigham Young's winter home & during the tour the guide had us notice what was missing in the kitchen & one guy said, "A refridgerator to hold my BEER!" Later we went to my grandparents again and then to the hotel to swim with the kiddos!

Brigham Young's Winter Home...the first "snowbird" house of St. George:

Day 2 of St. George:

My mommy & me (Can you tell where I get a LOT of my features??? She is my paler twin.. :0) It was much nicer than the day before so we were all excited to wear SHORTS..oh how I would love to live in St. George because of the weather. We went to Kohls & the brick oven for lunch which was really good (Clay's friend's family in college owns the restaurant and he always talks about how good it is so we decided to try it). Then we went for a hike & hung out with the grandparents for the last time before heading to the hotel to swim! Such a fun place to visit, but would be much better to live there :)

Hiking up on the infamous red rocks in St. George. Brittley was a little scared of the red rocks...I think she thought dinosaurs seriously lived there! lol:

Swimming in the pool at the hotel:

Last day: Just before leaving from paradise!

Clay's Alumni Basketball Game: March 26, 2011...this was a fun event to watch, adults trying to play basketball like they did in high school!! Clay's team took third and Brianne's took first....the funniest thing about it was how sore everyone was when it was all over!

Clay put a tent up for the kids at the end of Spring Break and what a great way to end it! They loved it sooo much they would ask almost every night, but of course with school we cannot have them sleeping in a tent...summer is close though! lol