Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~~~~~~~~~~June 28th, 2011~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Today was a very eventful day! We started out by going to Nat-Soo-Pah with the Stanger girls and kids :) I was a little nervous because last year Tate would not even let go of an adult & venture out on his own, but I figured with Brittley being pretty independent I could handle it; well it turned out great! I cannot believe the difference between last year and this year with my kiddos, they are like two new kids! Just independent and ready to do just about anything; I am absolutely LOVING this summer! So we headed to Nat-Soo-Pah and just hung out at the pool for the afternoon, even though the water was heated it did not damper our day it made it perfect because you were not absolutely freezing when you got out! Well after the pool we were going to go boating but my kids were beat and so was I; so the boys went boating instead and the kids and I hung back, took showers, and then went for our nightly walk/ride. We go for a walk/bike ride almost every night; we always have to go to the railroad tracks so Tate can look at them and ride over them. Sometimes we stop by Clint and Brianne's to say hi an talk for awhile or we go to the little Hansen Park to let the kids play. I took pictures to capture their summer because this is how we spend it!!!

Wesley jumping off the diving board!



And of course silly pictures together!

Our attempt at a jumping picture

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