Saturday, July 23, 2011

June 5th-9th

After the 4th we kind of took it easy (doable right?..wrong!) We hung out at home on the 5th & just played in the sun while I worked like crazy getting baby shower gifts finished! Then on the 6th we went to Nat-Soo-Pah again with Grandma Stanger, Brianne & the kids, & Shelly & the kids. It was a lot of fun, but a monumental trip because Tate went down the slide ALL BY HIMSELF!! No more rides for me YES! That is kind of sad to say because can you ever imagine yourself actually not wanting to go down the slide? or high dive? I have really entered the mom world lol :) On the 7th I got to meet my fellow camp instructors for the next weeks cheer camp. We were all pretty quiet and shy when we met, but that did not last long once camp started..I'll post that next :) The to finish the day off I did a Dezigner Dudz party with Cass in Jerome so the kiddos hung out with my momma.

Brittley's tube dress :)

On the 8th we headed to Boise for a baby shower. One of the stars of the baby shower and yours truly my best friend since the 6th grade: Jessica! The other star was her sister Laura; Laura was having a boy & Jessica is having a girl. I did not know that Laura was due here soon because Jessica is not due until September so I thought I had more time before I had to start my projects, but sure enough the invite came in the mail & I had 2 weeks to get things done! SO I got my sewing game on and the crafting began! I was super excited to create stuff because I have another friend having a baby girl in September (Jess if you see this be surprised when you get your gifts!!! ;)) Plus I want to have another baby so it all works out! The shower was in Boise so on the 8th we headed up to celebrate two little bundles coming into this world! Love you Jessica & Laura & congratulations on the babies!

Jessica :)

Laura's car seat tent! Turned out pretty good, I got the idea from Sarah & I did everything but the top stitch around the tent because I am so new to sewing that I cannot stitch a straight line if my life depended on it (well maybe then I could!)

I got the blue fabric from quilt barn which was blue and brown and had a vintagey look to it (that was the look Laura was going for) I did not want it to be just one big, blue tent so I added the brown strip at the bottom; I did not do that correctly because I had to sew the ribbon over it to hide the edges. Still pretty good for my first ones!

Jessica wanted bright colors with brown & of course being for a girl I got to "girlie" it up a bit, by addding the flowers on the straps and a ruffle around the edges :) Loved the fabric for this one!

Wipes case for Jessica

Wipes case for Laura

The baby blankets!

Tate swimming at the baby shower. The crazy story about Tate being with me at the baby shower: When I first got the invite and saw that the shower was at 6 on a Friday night I was pretty sure that Clay would not be able to go with me. So I figured I would just take the kids with me for a fun trip to Boise, but as I got to thinking about the shower I just did not want Tate to come with me. SO I asked my mom because they were supposed to go camping near Boise if she could just bring me Tate or we could figure something out that way. Well my dad was like we'll take the kids first thought COOL I can go to Boise alone and enjoy the baby shower, but the next thought umm..I should convince Clay to go so we can GO ALONE! Perfect idea right? Well Clay said yes at first, then it was no I will not be able to get off of work early enough. So I was going to just take Brittley, then my mom said they were staying home & that they would take both kids. Tate, however, knew we were going to Boise & was very firm about going. Clay called said he was going, so I told both kids they were NOT going to Boise so yeah I was getting my weekend ALONE with Clay. Well he got home and Tate was just crying about going to Boise; he comes flying out to the car saying I get to go. I ask Clay, he was all I told both of them they could go. Well Brittley wanted to stay with my mom at this point. So Brittley stayed & Tate, Clay, & I went to Boise. When we got to the shower Tate was supposed to go to the movies with Clay, when he saw me get out of the car he lost it. I took him to the shower with me which was not too bad but being Tate there were a few threats and a swat because he was getting out of control. There is my long story about how we finally made it to Boise!

Jessica & Laura making silly faces like usual :)

The other sister Kristi :)

Tate going under the waterfall in the kids pool

Swimming at the hotel ;) So I took these pics on purpose because of the kid in the picture. He reminded me of the guy off of office space that always stutters about his stapler. He had his shorts past his belly button and was a little on the heavier side. What got to me though was when he came up to tell me, "I, I I read there are pool rules. Rule #1 says no running. Rule, Rule #1 says no running. That boy down, that boy down there...#1 rule says no running." He marched on down to tell the boy running in and jumping to not run, so cute. Then later he came to tell me the same thing and for me to tell him not to run; I just told him that his dad will let him know. He looked at me like what? Your not going to tell he went to tell another lady the same thing. Very entertaining for a Saturday morning :))

My toes

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