Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 14th, 2011

After cheer camp I headed to Blackfoot to celebrate my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary! I was super excited to spend this special day with them, but also to spend time with my Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins from the East coast as well. I have 2 little cousins that are hard to call cousins because they are the same age as my kids, but are super fun because my kids have someone to play with while they are there! We got things ready for the party for most of the day, but of course tried to talk to each other in between. My mom & her siblins sang "Count Your Many Blessings" & the grandkids sang "I Am a Child of God" in honor of my grandparents. It was very fun and I loved spending time with all the kids! I am so blessed to have such a loving example of love and marriage in my life & my kids. Love you Grandma & Grandpa!

Another anniversary happened on the same day which were the Richards..2 other people I love and admire! Happy Anniversary you 2! Six years and still strong!! <<33


Tate & Bryce...pretty much how Bryce spent his whole trip when the kids are around! Poor Bryce I should get him a massage packet somewhere!

Tate kept trying to run away so this was me trapping him & this was him crying the whole time until he was free!

My dad :)

Maya & Jessica...Maya took the picture she's six..extreme close up of 2 beautiful girls :)

The singing kids..my kids did not join in on the singing because we were not singing "I Love to See the Temple" silly kids

All the first borns :)


All the siblings together :))...from oldest to youngest & shortest to tallest :)

They took this same picture about 5 years ago....a lot has changed since then lol

They held it together long enough for a picture

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