Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 Picture Post

My cousin-in-law :) Annie Stanger did this 30 day challenge, but I altered it to 30 Picture post challenge. I thought this was going to be an easy task, but it was pretty difficult just because most of the pictures/challenges are centered around the same people. Well I challenge anyone else to do the same thing because it really gets you thinking about your life. Even though I have way more memories and great people in my life here is what I chose! ENJOY!

1. A picture of yourself and 10 facts
1. I am a full time student at CSI studying to become a high school English teacher
2. I am so addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper it is not even funny :)
3. I cannot eat any meal without eating something sweet afterwards...someday that will be my downfall!
4. I love facebook and like it even more after watching the Social Network.
5. My favorite season is summer.
6. I am 25 and I can still do a round off back-handspring
7. I have never been out of the country, but am planning to by the end of this year!
8. I love to run now that I am a mom because I find it extremely peaceful and relaxing.
9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing, but get so extremely nervous in front of people that almost no one has heard me sing except for family. (And the people in my choir class in 8th grade because we used to sing all the time! lol)
10. I have always wanted to be in a pageant, but silly me had a baby at 19! So I just pretend ha ha ha

#2-A picture of something that has made a big impact on your life recently: It really is not recently but always, I think my mom is the greatest mom in the world and my siblings and I are so very lucky to have her! We also love our dad too he just was not at this dad has taught me how to work hard, because that is what he has always done for our family! I love my parents so very very much!

#3-A picture of the cast from your favorite show: Well I couldn't choose between the two so I put both...The Office and Vampire Diaries. One is super funny and the other is super sexy..and really good to watch too!
#4-A picture from your favorite memory. This was extremely hard because although I have tons of favorite memories from when I was younger these would have to be some of my top memories; having my babies (Tate is in the left hand top corner, Brittley is on the bottom right-hand corner) Being able to spend my life with my best friend Clay and any vacation taken with my entire family!

#5-A picture of your night: Well my nights are super exciting let me tell you! I am either at home with the family or at my moms, out on a date with my hubby, at work @ Jakers, or watching my cheerleaders at a game!
#6-A picture of a person you would love to trade places with for the day-Karey Larsen; she is now living in Southern California, she just moved from Las Vegas. She has the best single girl life of anyone I know. She travels, does promos for celebrity parties, and now she is going back to school in Cali. Her and I always had so much fun when we were younger so if I could trade she could live my mom life and I'd live hers! :)
#7-A picture of your most treasured item: My children Tate and Brittley
#8-A Picture of something that makes you smile: Always always, my two little ones meeting each other for the first time after bringing Tate home from the hospital.
#9-A picture of someone you have been through so much with-My one and only CLAY
#10-A picture of the person you do the craziest things with: CLAY
#11-A picture of something you hate: CATS
#12-A picture of something you love: Reading, Target, & Family
#13-A Picture of your favorite artist or band: This was really tough but everytime I would try and think I was like Britney, I have always been a fan even when she shaved her head lol. But I loved her back in the day before Kevin came along.
#14-A picture of the person you could not imagine your life without: once again CLAY
#15-A picture of something you want to do before you die.-Europe; Italy, Greece, France, England, Spain, Portugal ect. ect. I want to see it all!
#16-A picture of someone who inspires you: Sarah, Cassia, & Cari
Sarah-Because she is so talented and creative. She just started a new craft blog, she creates super cool stuff with wood and burlap and pom-poms, but not only that she is a fabulous hair dresser, super intellegent especially in math, is a great mom, and is so easy to talk to :)...We talk almost every day, but we never run out of things to say because we can always talk to each other. We both love to coupon and she keeps me up-to-date on things I might have missed and I do the same for her. She is friendly and kind and will help anyone in need.

Cassia-The most ambitious entrepreneur I have ever met, and usually every risk she takes comes to fruition. She is a great listener, way intellegent; knows more about most subjects then people who are studying them. We both love english and teaching so I always call her for advice. She is very outgoing, friendly, in command, and such a great teacher/friend/mom/and rockstar! Nothing makes me more excited then when we get to hang out while we teach cheer camps or when I help with Dezigner Dudz parties. I love hearing her stories and I love it when she tells stories because she is so animated and has some crazy fun stories! When we first met we instantly clicked and it was love at first sight!
Cari-I love coaching and I love coaching with her, she is such a great mentor/friend & we both have such a sarcastic silly side that we get along so well. I love watching her working with the dancers and cheerleaders because she just does it so extremely well. I'm sure she feels at times that no one appreciates her, but I definitely do. I can always tell her what is going on in my personal life as well as the cheerleaders and she is always there for advice/shoulder to cry on/or step up and take the reigns if I am having a melt down :)....she is a great mom & I am going to miss her so so so much next year, but I know the cheerleaders are in great hands!
#17-A picture of you & the person you have been closest to the longest: definitely my mom, through thick and thin we have seen it all, but she has always been my best friend, my mentor, my discipliner, my inspiration, and everything in between. I am so thankful for my mom!

#18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity-weight.....I know what some are thinking WHAT! but let me explain. I cannot weigh myself because I obsess; I would get up every morning and weigh myself and if I was not where I though I should be or below I basically would not eat for then entire day because I knew if I did not lose that unwanted weight I would start crash dieting or starving myself. About 6 years ago I saw a dietician about being underweight and this was one of the things she suggested; not using a scale. Ever since as long as my pants fit the way they should I do not think about it. So my insecurity is weight: if I looked today I would follow a down spiral of self-destruction so I stay away from it.
#19 - A picture and a letter.-nothing is better than flowers and L-O-V-E!
#20 - A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel.-Bora Bora, oh I would be in heaven!
#21 - A picture of something you wish you could forget.-Picking this picture was hard because although there are a ton of things I wish I could forget, I just do not have picture for, but last weekend is something I wish just did not happen.
#22 - A picture of something you wish you were better at: Church stuff, I am pretty good at saying prayers, reading scriptures, being with family ect. but actually going to church I sometimes do not have any motivation to go, horrible right??! I always think why? It is 3 hours out of an entire week, I just wish I had more motivation to go.
#23 - A picture of your favorite book: A tie of the Harry Potter series and Twilight books, but Eclipse is my favorite

#24 - A picture of something you wish you could change: Me going to the temple, we are working but it depends on the two of us and not just me.

#25 - A picture of your day...pretty much practice, go go go, with kids, on the computer doing homework or blogging or on facebook :), family, dinner and bed!
#26 - A picture of something that means a lot to you.-my lil family
#27 - A picture of yourself & a family member: lots of family members! My sis-in-law Shelly, my sis Martice, my Mom, my sis Amanda, my pretty much sis Bethany, my Bro Jett, & my Grandma Chetta enjoying an Eclipse party in Pocatello
#28- A picture of something you're afraid of.-this covers both: HEIGHTS AND BRIDGES. I have never been afraid of bridges before I moved to Twin because once during a bad storm a truck was blown off one of the bridges in the Magic Valley. Now I get anxiety everytime I drive over either the Perrine or Hansen bridge.
#29-A picture that makes you laugh: Every time I see this picture it always makes me laugh because it turned out so cute even though we were both being the biggest dorks. And because this was such a fun weekend and the fact that the TF boys took state made it even better!
#30 - A picture of someone you miss: I know this is something and not someone but Boise means so much because of the people in it. I miss my friends that I went to school with because I grew up with them. I still keep in contact with them, and when we do see each other we start up right where we left off because we love each other so much! I hope to return so I can be with those friends again and also because the other person I miss is Hannah and she lives there too!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am a couponer. I save lots of money, hoard up on essentials, and is one of the crazy ladies that show up to Walgreens early Monday morning to beat out all the other couponers to get the best deals. I just took inventory on my household essentials and have 35 Body Washes and pretty much got them all for absolutely NOTHING! I mean I pay money out of my pocket but most of the time I get more back then what I paid. I guess you could say I get a kind of "high" off of couponing because I have always been the type of person to find a bargain, but now I find "bargains" weekly and shop more because I save more...that to me equals a win/win in my book! I have been doing inventory to see where I am at on a two-year supply, but because I do not live a very large house I cannot have as big of inventory in food, so my ultimate plan is to have enough every day essentials i.e. toothbrushes, tooth paste, razors, body wash, shampoo/conditioner ect. that when in crisis I can barter for food or hook up with another family that has enough food and I'll provide the dry-goods :o) Good plan right?? I know, I know that I should have my own 2 year supply of food, and I have a good supply, but I do not have a place to stock-up on meat and add to my already good stock pile....I wish I had a garage like no other because I would turn half of it into a mini supermarket...that is the dream! When I coupon, especially at Walgreens, I have to have "filler" items to make my coupon/item ratio correct so being a sweet tooth I usually use candy as the filler items, and also because they are usually the cheapest fillers I can find. What does all that couponing and candy equal?? A bigger stock pile then most people have during the holidays, all year long. Not the greatest accomplishment, but you would not believe how much I and my husband eat this it makes it really easy to throw gifts together in a jiff! Here are some pictures of some of my "stock piles" enjoy!
This storage bin is shampoo/conditioner, body wash, deoderants, loofahs and lotion.

This bin is toothpastes, tampons, razors, hair ties, toothbrushes, chapsticks, lotion, and odds and ends.
This was what I was talking about when I mentioned my candy stock pile....I can fill a storage bin....ummm do you think I have a problem?? Most definitely! :)
The only thing that would devestate me if the shelves ran out of food?? Not being able to have a DIET DR. PEPPER!!!
I have 25+ lbs. of flour and about 15 lbs of sugar..for some odd reason flour is always in the coupon deals and sugar is not. That is why I always have 25+ lbs. of flour and maybe 15 lbs. of sugar...I need to get more!

Holy peanut butter right? I cannot go through this stuff fast enough either so I always wonder how couponers buy 50 at a time?????