Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tate's Birthday

Tate turned 5 this year!! I cannot believe my once baby boy is FIVE!! He celebrated his big day by taking cup cakes to preschool, eating chicken wings for dinner, and then going to the best place in town....KIWI LOCO!! These are all Tate's favorite things and when I asked him where he wanted to go for his birthday he  said Kiwi Loco, so that is where we went. 

I love Tate and his energy. He has always been my special little boy, but now he is a "big" boy since he is a big brother. I kept telling him he could not turn 5, but he was so excited to be 5 that he would say, "Mom I am going to be 5!" Tate loves the outdoors; he loves to play in the dirt, play with the hose, go boating, swimming, swinging, running, jumping, and anything else you can do outside. All summer long whenever the boys went boating you can guarantee Tate was a part of that crew. He would jump into the river/lake in a heartbeat and even went wakeboarding this summer! He learned how to ride his bike without training wheels a week before his birthday and it took one day before he was riding like a pro. Tate is learning so much at school and can write his name, his alphabet, sing songs, memorize like a champ, and is one smart cookie. He is LOUD as can be and very tender hearted. I love my little, big guy and am so proud to be his mommy! Happy Birthday to my special son TATE!!!

When I asked Tate what kind of cake he wanted, he said a Mario Cake. Well after some research most of the Mario cakes were pretty elaborate so instead we did Mushroom or Toadstool cupcakes! I tried to convince him to take other treats to class, but at 5 CUPCAKES are the thing! So toadstool cupcakes were his big thing!!

Soccer 2012

 Brittley started soccer this year [again]. She played when she was in Kindergarten and that did not go too well...she lasted through two games and would constantly ask her coach if she could sit out. So after the talks..."Do you REALLY want to do this?" Yes Mom. "You have to play the whole time." Okay Mom. "No asking your coach if you can sit out." Yes mom I want to play. 
Okay here we go! She did GREAT! She had a lot of fun and definitely does not take after her mom..she is kind of timid when it comes to getting the ball. I wanted to yell out, "Push them down! Get the ball!!" But I held off. She played all the positions and did really well at goalie. I was so proud of her and she had a lot of fun!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Field Trip to Kimberly Park

 Brittley had her first field trip of the year to Kimberly Park the first week of school. (September 7, 2012). It was a nature walk to collect nature things for a project they were working on at school. It was a short walk from the school and Tate, Augie, and I went with them. I could not believe she had a field trip so fast after school started, but the kids had a lot of fun! I am so glad that I can participate as a volunteer while I am attending school online!! Love being a stay-at-home mommy for the time being :)

 Brittley's Nature Bag full of grass, pinecones, twigs, leaves, etc. 

 These were taken at Grandma & Grandpa's after the first week of school!!