Monday, September 26, 2011

Rim2Rim September 17, 2011: This year I did something I have always wanted to do and that was RUN the Rim2Rim. I have not been running this year as much as last year, but I still felt able to do it. Judy walked the race and I ran it so it was fun doing it with someone; not in the literal sense, but when I was done it was nice to know someone there :)...she did a great job too and I was glad to have her there with me. I ran the entire thing except the Bass Lake Grade and then at the end the killer hill that sneaks up on you. This last hill is at the end of the race (I had already ran over 6.5 miles) so it was not as hard to get up but after I got up I did not want to keep going...I had to tell myself (and I am serious when I say this lol) the pioneers did not have an option; they could NOT give up! So I ran again with my jelly filling legs! I only have one picture from the race and that was thanks to my wonderful parents for taking it! It was right after the Perrine Bridge so just about 4 miles at this point. The Perrine Bridge was also a scary spot for me personally because I am TERRIFIED of heights. Some tears came up and I had to keep telling myself keep going, get off this bridge!
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I could not believe I ran this thing in One hour 16 minutes! It was a lot of ups and downs; not too shabby. I got 14th in my age group (age 20-29) out of 30 girls, 68 in my gender division out of 128 females, and 141 overall out of 234 runners! I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this feat! Now all I need is a half marathon!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Trip to Lucky Peak Resevoir

We went to Lucky Peak Resevoir on August 17, 2011; this was one of our childhood favorite spots when we lived in Boise and I always like to share that place with my kiddos. We left early Wednesday morning, headed to the mall,and then to Lucky Peak to swim the day away! The kids loved it and especially since the park installed some cool fountains for the kids to play with. I did not make it out to the big fountain (for good reason too) it was FREEZING! I did get in all the way and thrown in by my cousin and chased around the park by my brother because their ultimate goal was to throw me in!! All of these pictures are in their raw editing :) so enjoy because we certainly did!

Bryce was being a chicken and not heading into the water because where he is from their is a real beach and the water is warmer. We started giving him a hard time so this was him in the water!
 The three amigos heading into the freezing fountain: Bryce, Brianna, & Jett....good thing I took the pictures because there was no way I was going under!
 Since I was taking all the pictures I decided to take one of myself: proof I was there :)
 Jett & Bryce's "sexy" pose...ridiculous pose lol
 Brittley's sand castle
 I read my magazines while Tate played in the sand & water
 My kids and I {together} love these two!
Our funny picture in the making

Sunday, September 11, 2011

*Brittley's First Week of School*

My {first} grader. She is starting this year at Kimberly Elementary in Ms. Standlee's class. She was extremely excited for the first day; she had her outfit all picked out accessories and all. We got her to school {on time} and she was all smiles. When I picked her up she told me how good she was and that she made a new friend, "The girl in the blue shirt. Her name is Morgan. She's a girl." I cannot believe I have a FIRST grader. She loves school, writing, reading, and especially ART; this girl can draw and create all day if she could. She loves to please her teacher and listen (I'm not sure why this same principle does not apply at home) but sometimes she does for me too. This weekend while we were at the mall she pulled out this sparkly pink dress and said, "Mom, look at this!" As I saw the sparkles and glitter I said, "Oh yeah look at that, looks like you." She replied, "Yeah I love fashion!" Oh I love her and her little personality.

Brittley switched her earrings for the first time since she had them pierced when she was THREE! It was very traumatic and you can tell by the puffiness of the eyes that she was crying when it occured. They turned out very cute and she realized it was not as dramatic as it seemed! 
I signed Brittley up for dance again this year; it is a new studio and a new experience. I was nervous at first, but I was excited that the studio was in Kimberly and I would not have to drive in to Twin for practice. She is dancing for Amy Brown and Rees is dancing there as well so that way we will be able to attend recitals together. She is very excited to be dancing again...I am not sure how excited I am lol. I just hope she sticks to it. After the first day we had a little conversation like this:
Me-"Did you like dance?"
Me-"You have to go every time."
Me-"Because that is how it works. You either commit or you don't do it."
Brit-no reply
She has this tendency to just want to push things aside...she is excited at first and then once she is involved it is not as exciting anymore. I do not want a child who quits everything, but I do want her to realize that once you make that commitment that you have to stick to it. I have been involved with cheer for so long that I understand the importance of commitment to a team sport, so Brittley is getting a lesson about life through dance! I am excited for her to be in dance and be involved with something again.