Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blog Worthy Savings!

Part of my blog is about savings and did I save A LOT with this one. I had to get the bisquick for my mom because the coupon expired on January 9th so I went after to work to take advantage of the General Mills Catalina going on. Here was my trip:

2 Boxes of Bisquick
6 Boxes of Gushers
3 YoPlait Yogurt Plus
6 Skippy Peanut Butters
= (b4 savings)
Somewhere around $55

After Preferred Card/Coupons/Last week $10 Catalina/Doublers


Plus I got $8.50 back so this deal was a $3 money maker!!!!! Not too shabby!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year's Eve

This was us New Year's Eve 2008......Clay & I went to Ty & Chevy's and left the kids with my parents, but we never made it to midnight because Clay got food poisioning!! So we were home about 10:30/11 but here was us in 2008!

New Year's Eve 2009:

I know I haven't changed much, but the kids sure have! We had a fun night with Derek, Sarah, & Brody, Rachelle, Dan & Ashlynn Tracy, & Ryan, Amber, & Lexi Harper playing games and hanging out....we actually stayed up till Midnight this year and were in the car driving home when the new year began! Happy New Year to you all hope your next 10 years is better than the last!

Brittley's Christmas Dresses

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning we woke up to find that Santa had been very good to us! Here are some pictures of the kids opening presents!

Well actually Tate wouldn't open presents he stood up at the top of the stairs looking down on everyone....clapping his hands and saying "yeah!"
I'm really bummed I didn't video tape Brittley opening this dress because it was priceless. For about a month she has been asking for me to get her this dress. 1st of all it wasn't my favorite, I showed her tons of other dresses and yet I couldn't persuade her. And 2nd it was not on sale...I'm am such a Target Junkie that I know never to pay full price for anything because it will always be on sale, well it came down to Christmas and this stinking dress still was not on sale, so I gave in and it was hard for me too! Well she opened this dress and she spun around the room and screamed my dress, it's wonderful! My future brother-in-law is in the background and he wasn't expecting such a performance for a dress so he loved it! I'm glad I gave in because that was the best gift to me!
A new bike from Grandma & Grandpa Paul!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas...we sure did!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we always go to my parents and spend the night with them and wake up Christmas morning and open presents with everyone. I was planning on spending most of the day at my parents, but I wanted to make truffles(for the 1st time ever) and so from about 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon I was cooking/dipping chocolates.....and it is tiring! They turned out really good, but they took FOREVER. Now I know why we buy them at the store! But I'm glad I did it because now I know I can make them! We had a great time Christmas Eve and opened our christmas jammies and then went to bed!
On the way to Grandma's House

Christmas Eve

Tate's Christmas Jammies

Brittley's Christmas Jammies

Pollard Christmas Party

On December 19, 2009 we had our annual Pollard Christmas Party. I always enjoy going to this and seeing how much all the kids have changed and talking to family and eating yummy food! We meet at the Buhl Community Center and it is always a fun time. "Santa" came to visit and Brittley couldn't have been more excited. As you can see from the pictures you'd think they were best friends! It was a fun night and I went home with a movie gift set, Clay got a knife set, Brittley got lots of cute bows/flower head bands, and Tate got a car set from the gift exchange!

Tate was afraid of Santa so he's hiding on Dad's lap!

Gift from Santa!

Tate took his gift and ran!

Only picture I got....and yep eyes are closed!

While all the adults were doing the gift exchange...Crystal came over and was like..."Your son's back there eating something." So I go back and low and behold there is Tate eating fudge straight out of the pan with the serving knife! Good thing everyone was done eating cause this became his fudge after that!

In this picture 3 years ago there was 8 adults and 4 in this one there are 12 adults and 13 kids and that still isn't everyone!!!

Boise Trip

We went to Boise for my sister's birthday and had a great time. We spent the night at Holiday Inn with my parents and played in the pool all night long. It was a ton of fun and we enjoyed are stay!
We went to Cabela's, the mall, and the Cheesecake Factory! It was a super fun trip!