Thursday, July 14, 2011

***Let Freedom Ring***

4th of July was once again a GREAT day! I absolutely love this holiday because it always means being together as a family and just having fun (which everyday in the summer should be:)) Anywho...Clay got up early to go boating before the family did with Clint, then around 10ish he called us to come boating too. Brittley was still recovering from strep throat so my mom came and met me to take her to her house while Tate & I went down to the river to boat. Right when I got there Clay's was all, "Let's get you wakeboarding!" So I went; it was the 2nd time that I have wakeboarded and the last time was on my 19th birthday so it's been awhile! I got up, but I crashed a lot as well, but hey I can only continue to get better right??? I hope! After boating I went to the parents' house to pick up Brittley and we hung out for a little while. The kids played outside & Grandpa launched a rocket for the kids so it was fun for them to see. After that we headed home to get ready for the Stanger bbq.

I always love just hanging out with everyone, eating good food, and then watching fireworks. This year Maryann held a watermelon toss; Clay & I were partners (bad choice) I was just thinking this is not going to end well. The one partner would stand pretty much in the weeds & the other would keep taking steps back. All was going well until Clay was about 12 feet maybe a little less away from me. He kept saying bend your knees, are you ready for this? Well I got in position (all those years of cheer helped ;) and Clay lobbed the watermelon...I caught it and then went crashing to the ground. Everyone was very stunned, but it just took out my whole body. I caught it, but I got pretty bruised! The same thing happened the next time, but I knew it was me throwing it back that was going to be the bad part. So I lobbed it and it barely went five feet before crashing to the ground!! That was my first watermelon toss and probably my last, but it was a fun experience! Later we got ready for fireworks!!! The Stangers really out did themselves this year because it was ahh-mazing! LET FREEDOM RING!

Mommy & Tate Tubing


Getting ready to launch

Looking for the rocket

hmmm....where is it??

I think I found it!!

This is what happens after playing in the sun all day & eating a donut on the car ride home :)

I love this picture because Paul was probably thinking...Clay please don't land on me!

Paul & Clay

Clay throwing for 500

What a stud right??!

The kiddos sporting their 4th of July wear

beautiful brittley :)

Lighting the took a few times for Tate to realize that you don't touch people with them, to not grab the hot end once they are done, and what to really do with them at all

My cute little kiddos

Silly faces with Tate...he was laughing so hard and so was I...too cute

Silly faces with Brittley

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