Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Miss Brittley

Kind of late, but Brittley has had a very busy year. She went to preschool this year at the Hansen Head Start for two days a week, and absolutely loved it! She got to ride the bus to and from school and just really enjoyed her two days at school. Brittley was also in dance this year and love it as well. Brittley also turned 5 at the beginning of the summer..June 1st! She wasn't feeling too hot so she enjoyed her presents much more the next day! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I cannot believe that once again I've gone sooo long without blogging. But here I am trying to make up. I have a whole blog about Brittley because so much has happened in her life that needs to be written down. She is now 5 years old and just becoming such a beautiful little girl. Tate is in the early stages of potty training. If he is naked it works, but if he has clothes on then no go....so I guess I'll just have to tote him around naked???!! This summer is going to be all about letting him run naked until he gets the picture that I'm not going to put diapers on him anymore....if only the weather would start cooperating we could actually do it, because he thinks it is the coolest thing to pee outside!

Clay is working hard and supporting our family and I am so truly greatful for everything he does. He rides his bike on the weekends and any other time he gets, he also loves finding a good deal on bikes then turning them around and selling them for a better profit. So far each of his finds has been a blessing except one....he got a bike stolen right off of his work truck in Utah. Craziest thing and it made me & him sick to our stomachs. Horrible thing that it happened, but he was able to find another bike shortly after. We have been hanging out at night watching One Tree Hill and he's not that crazy about it, but I love that he watches it with me. Clay and I have had a CRAZY ride when it comes to our relationship/marriage but after everything I know why we are together and I love him more everyday. The beginning of June marked 6 years together. I cannot believe how much has happened in those six years it is crazy.

I am coaching cheer still and then working at Jaker's maybe 2/3 nights a week and that is about all I can take of working there. I am SOOO Glad that Clay is working more so I do not have to work as much. I will begin classes this fall at CSI and cannot wait until I graduate, I wish I was in my senior year ready to graduate instead of beginning my program. I am going into secondary education with an emphasis on english and getting a coaching endoresment as well (surprise, surprise?!) I love coaching and teaching high school age kids. I feel like I can be a role model to them and so far I have made an impact on those kids that I have coached and it gives me greatest feeling in the world. I am still couponing strong and have been doing so well that I usually don't follow the blogs as closely as I used to. So many are coming to me and asking me how to coupon and that is an amazing feeling. I am saving money and showing those around me how to do the same thing! I love it!