Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 4, 2011

~June 4, 2011~
Today we went to the Western's Day Parade to actually watch! Well the kids have watched but we did not have to be up bright and early to get there we got to go at 10 when the parade started because this was the first year in 3 years that I was not in it for cheer! So it was very enjoyable to just enjoy the nice weather (finally!) and watch the parade with my kids. Jett was in it for Magic Valley Band & of course I enjoyed watching my old girls show their Bruin pride, but I was very content with my kids and my parents! Afterwards we just went over to my parent's house to enjoy the nice weather and hang out together...great way to kick off summer :)

The funny thing about these pics (not just my face lol) is the sweatshirt I am wearing; it's one of my mom's winter sweatshirts with a christmas scene on it...very teacherish but she wears them all the time. Anyways I went home and Clay walks in the door stops and says, "what are you wearing?????" He was like I hope you are not going to start wearing those! I just told him when I get cold I always grab one of my mom's sweatshirts to put on; it was just funny that he thought I was going to start wearing them for fun? or when I teach? ha ha ha

My silly mom :)

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