Monday, August 1, 2011

Some pictures of July & my birthday!!

I went backwards so we will start with my birthday! This year my birthday landed on a Friday (29th of July) and to be honest I thought for sure I was not going to do much so when I woke up I started deep cleaning my house. But soon the texts & phone calls came in so I had to stop cleaning and enjoy my day :) Cassia & I had a great chat in the a.m. then Sarah took me to lunch at La Fiesta. While we were there Brianne stopped by to say happy birthday and give me some wonderful flowers (Rees & I share the same birthday so she had lots to do for her bday) Sarah spoiled me with some great decor stuff for my bedroom I was just so happy to spend time with her because it has been F-o-R-e-V-e-R! While I was at my mom's my sister and parents gave me cards with a lil spending money!!! I keep saying now lets see if I will really spend it on myself....(I'm terrible like that, but I spend money on myself throughout the year so it all evens out :))) That night Clay and I went to see the Final Harry Potter and I was super excited because I had not seen it even though its been out since July 15th!! Then we went to dinner at Carino's....perfect day if I say so myself!! The next day we went to Burley to boat the day away and it was awesome! I crossed the WAKE for the FIRST time and although I had some major wrecks I jumped the wake, got some air, and landed a few!! So excited that I faced my fear and crossed over the wake! Brittley also went on the tube for the first time and was in love....nothing scares her even though it scares me to death!! Sunday we went to church & then headed to my mom's for my birthday dinner & dessert! Thanks everyone for making my day/weekend special and being in my life! Love everyone for my awesome birthday!

26 years old!!

This is the kids doing you must pay the rent....I will upload a video if possible so stinking cute!


***Mya & Brittley***

Attacking Bryce on the trampoline!

I Surrender!!

Bryce helping Tate reach the basketball hoop!

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