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June 11, 2011

~June 11, 2011~
On this day we celebrated the union of my sister and her new hubby: The Morses! It was such a fabulous wedding especially since I decorated!! Obviously not the park, but I did all the centerpieces (except the one on the cake table) I've always wanted to decorate for a wedding and I had a lot of fun doing it. My sister had an afternoon wedding at Alpine Ponds and Event Center in Meridian; she had 5 bridesmaids: Myself, Martice, Nikki, Mandy, and her maid of honor Sarah. There were 4 groomsmen as well, but I only know Jett's name! Brittley was the flower girl and she was so excited about it she talked about it for months...she did a very good job (took her job very seriously) so proud of my little girl! It was a very short ceremony, about the same as my own, or maybe a little shorter but it was sweet. Jame's sister married them (she got her ministry license just for it :)) The best part about the ceremony though was my sister covered their kiss! She was nervous so when she walked down the aisle she put her flowers in her face so when they kissed she moved them in front of them.....I made them kiss again after it was over in the same spot so everyone could take pictures!! Another unique part about the wedding was James's mom and sister performed hula dances for everyone; then they taught us all how to hula it was very entertaining and fun to participate in. I am so happy to welcome a new brother into the family and so happy for the newly wed couple!
Congratulations James & Amanda we love you guys!

The tablerunners I made with the help of my mom-in-law; I just bought actual tablecloth material, cut them in strips and then surged the sides voila! Amanda picked out the flowers from michael's and I had almost all of the vases at home. The other centerpieces were created by using Cari's idea from the cheer banquet; I borrowed the plastic vases put decorative gems in the bottom; water and then floated real carnations on the top. The other centerpieces were created by using long circular vases; decorative gems and then real roses inside floating with the stems (I saw it on a blog but they had candles floating on top...they must have weighed down the roses because I couldn't get them to not float oh well it was in the afternoon anyways!)

The girls in the wedding!

Amanda being walked down the aisle by our dad! His last daughter is married!

The two new families together (minus John oh and Vanessa she was there but must have been running around lol)

The second kiss ;)

Miss Brittley's beautiful dress was made by my fabulous mom-in-law! She is so extremely talented I was going to help but being a new sewer I was glad I asked her to help because I could not have done this on my own! She made the entire thing so stinking turned out perfect!

Learning and watching the hula

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