Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cheer Camp 2011

For the past 4 years I have been doing summer cheer camps with Cassia where we go to schools around the magic valley and teach them new material for the upcoming season. Do not get me wrong, I love working with the cheerleaders, making extra money, and especially having time with CASSIA, but it kills me physically by the time the camp is over. Last year after Jerome's camp I was signed up to run a 10K but I was so sore and sick I could not do it; horrible!. Anyways, when this summer was rolling around we decided to do things a little different. We held one BIG camp instead of doing a bunch of little camps. To make things better Cassia hired on more instructors to make each squad feel like they were still getting their own material and not just a couple dances taught to all five schools. Well just like the years before I was dreading the camp because of being killed once again, but I was nervous to work with 3 different girls that I had never really met before. On the Thursday before camp we all got together to teach each oher the spirit dance, but it was still pretty quiet as far as meeting each other. Pretty soon the weekend was over and Day 1 of camp begun.....

This pic was taken at the end of the day (after all the make-up sweated off lol) and I can honestly say it was a great day. We were all pretty quiet still towards the first half of the day, but when we went to lunch together things started to change. We were all talking getting to know each other & being in Jerome with all of us wearing matching outfits the girls got to see my extremely sarcastic side because any time someone would ask us what we were doing, I would always reply we're just hanging out, we are all best friends! But they would all try to answer the inquirer honestly :) Then while we were in the Subway line; Alea & I shared a foot long sandwhich but we could not tell if the girl cut it or not...so while we were sitting there asking each other we asked McKenzie in front of us to the question she replied, "Cut what?" I answered, "Her hand." Oh and the friendships began! ha ha....I had a ton of fun with them every day of camp & each day we got to know each other a little more.

This is a picture of all the schools plus the 5 staffers hidden...it's where's waldo type of picture see if you can find us?! The five schools were: Castleford, Hansen, Jerome, Oleary Middle School, and Kimberly High School. I did not die after day three and everything went very smooth. It was nice because I did not have to learn every one elses chants, cheers, and dances while teaching mine, but I wish I would have learned everyone's dances because everyone did an AMAZING job. Great, great choreographers in our staff selection!

I was so so so glad I did this camp and had the opportunity to meet new girls in the process. They are all very unique, beautiful and amazing cheerleaders but we all had a great time together. I seriously got my girl time level up to high because we laughed...A LOT while we were together and just had fun. I always love teaching the cheerleaders no matter when or where, but working with these 4 girls made it 100 times better! Thanks girls for an AWESOME week! <3

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