Sunday, January 16, 2011

NYE 2010

I always look forward to New Year's Eve...probably because it means a change in things....taxes are coming soon :).....and just starting a new year. When I was younger it was all about the night out, but now as a mom it is being together as a family. This year I started out the day getting my hair done by my FABULOUS friend/hair dresser Sarah. It totally does not look very different in the picture, but it is a drastic change from before. I usually change my hair all the time, but I have had it dark brown for 2 years now...I haven't had the same hair color for 2 years in a row for a long time...I was overdue. We put blonde & red in my hair and it turned out Fabulous...I LOVE MY HAIR! Then we got ready and went to dinner at Applebees. We went at about 5:30 and only had to be on a 15-20 minute wait (not too bad for NYE) we went to my parents to hang out until it was time to go swimming! We went down to Larry & Retha Anderson's to go swimming with Paul & Jess & Kinley & Jen was a ton of fun until I got out of the pool, slipped on some ice and bruised my back. (Totally was sober LOL) they have carpet on the side of the pool, which I should of used, because Reha one time slipped and fell and was out there for about 30 minutes before anyone knew; she broke some bones too...I totally understand because I have not fell like that in a long time. It was almost midnight when we left so Clay and I on the way home wished each other a Happy New Year...why the kids were knocked out from swimming! Happy New Year's Everyone...hope this year is better than before!

My New Year's Resolutions:

2. To be full time: church goer, tithing payer, scripture reader, & prayer

3. Read every night to my kids (usually do, but sometimes we slack)

4. Sew, sew, sew

5. Keep on top of school work end with a 3.5 or higher

6. Run 10 miles this year

7. Get pregnant with baby #3

8. Pay bills off

9. Curb my mor

And wondering where #1 is?????? Well it is huge.......

1. On the pathway to getting sealed to Clayton (this is OUR resolution together this year!!!...about time right!)

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  1. Loved this post! Great New Years' resolutions! Good luck- now I need to create some goals for myself, you motivated me!