Friday, January 7, 2011

October 2010

The month of October was still just as busy as September, but not as crazy. October is always a busy month for our family because at the end of October is Clay's Birthday and our Anniversary. Needless to say it is a nice month for me because I do not have to work very much! :) The start of October was Twin Fall's Homecoming. The girls worked very hard and did a great job on their routine; only a few stunts fell in the assembly, but overall they did an awesome job. Like usual the actual day of the Homecoming Game is super busy. We had practice in the morning, an assembly at 1:30, a parade at 4, and the game starts at 7. Cari was the mascot during the parade & I rode in the same car; it was so much fun to see all the kid wave frantically at the "Bruin Bear" trying to get her attention. We had 5 girls elected for Homecoming royalty: Amber Bartlett, Carli Lutz, Aubrey Allen, Jordyn Clark, & Jessica Child. Amber won Freshman Princess and Jessica Child got Homecoming Queen...such beautiful girls! Another Homecoming down for me!

In October we FINALLY got a NEW BED! Super, super excited...because since we were first married we always wanted a KING size bed. I've been diligently checking Craigs List every night, and finally a post came up for a King Size Bed. I told Clay to get on it and call the person up. We had some really bad rain storms so there was not a way to get it, but finally the next week after the weather cleared up Clay called and went to get it. Turns out Clay knew the guy selling it. We got it for $250!! I bought the bedding at Target during the summer when it was clearanced out at 75% of for $ overall it was a pretty thrifty deal for our new bed and bedding! I love Love LOVE black & white so I was thrilled to find this set for such a good deal :)
On October 25, 2010 we celebrated Clay's 28th birthday! Clay's birthday fell on a Monday this year so on Sunday my mom made him a yummy dinner & then we had Clay's favorite cheesecake from Fred Meyer's. On the actual day of his birthday we ordered his favorite Stuffed-Crust Supreme PIZZA from Pizza Hut & just hung out as a family. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!
October 27, 2010-Tonight was the Hansen Ward Halloween Party. Brittley was a Planet Cheer Cheerleader (I borrowed it from one of my cheerleaders) & Tate was a BSU Football player. Every year I have a hard time getting Tate a costume because he does not like to wear things on his head...needless to say I went w/a football jersey, but you should of seen him when we put the black marks on his face...he cried and cried! Brittley on the other hand was super excited to wear this cheerleading outfit because it was White, Black, & Pink! I never know what to wear so at the last minute I wore Clay's old Basketball jersey & his shorts & his shoes :).....Clay was himself!

October 29, 2010 was a busy busy started out with practice where we had our annual Halloween Party...except this year only a few girls dressed up and usually everyone does...kind of sad huh?? Well anyways these were the girls who got into the spirit of the holiday. Next was Brittley's class Halloween Party. They had a relay race with balloons & brooms, made Witch's fingers & ate yummy snacks. After the party we went home to change the kids' clothes & I had homework to finish up then the kids went to Kip & Leejean's house & we headed to Park City, UT to celebrate our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Can't believe it has been 5 the time has flown by. We drove up with Ty & Stephanie, and then Paul & Jess came up later with another couple from Utah. We went to a nice dinner & then a Haunted house on Friday night...everyone else thought the haunted house was lame, but I HATE them so I was scared. Saturday we went to the Outlets & then Ice Skating. It was my first time going and I loved it. It is kind of different to get used to, but I enjoyed it...Clay & Paul were trying tricks, but when you land on the ice it is cold & hard so I did not want to wipe out. When we got back from skating we all went swimming in the indoor pool & the outdoor pool. The resort was very pretty and had so many levels that when we went to the outdoor hot tub Ty, Steph, Clay & I went to one & Paul, Jess, & their friends went to an entirely different one..kind of crazy! That night we all went to the Last Samurai for dinner it was very very good. I used to think Sakura's in Twin Falls was good, but now that I've been there that place is kind of crappy. Sunday we woke up & then headed back to Twin Falls. A short vacation, but very much needed. I love you Clay, Happy Anniversary!!

Halloween Party @ Practice

Brittley's Class Party


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