Sunday, February 6, 2011

January 2011

January once again was another....BUSY MONTH, but not without its merits! The start of the month brought on resolutions and feelings of excitement/starting anew. I had one class to finish up when the new year began and got an A! I was very excited about having a little break before classes began again...and got to finish up some projects I was working on. When the school year began up again for the Bruins we were super busy getting ready for our first competition. January 8th we had a practice from 1-4 and I was beginning to feel a little bit better about their performance. That following week was Bruin Week; on Thursday night they performed their show routine for the first time during a boys basketball 1/2 time show & Friday during the assembly they performed their sideline routine. They did pretty good for both performances; had a few wobbles but pulled it together a lot better than what I was expecting. The next day we left for Pocatello High School at FIVE IN THE MORNING!!! Oh what an early morning! They competed against five schools and for their first competition in the season they were not too shabby. They received 3rd in sideline and 4th in Show (we got a 25 point deduction too!) When we got home we had lots to fix and time to shave off in order to be ready for districts in February.

I began school again on January 18, 2011 at CSI. This semester I am taking EDUC 202, EDUC 204, EDUC 205, GEOL 102, and ENGL 268...seems like a lot, but I am thoroughly enjoying my classes so far. I have to do observations for both 204 and 205 and then do 30 hours in the classroom for 202 so I am very excited to begin working in the classroom!

January 21st we headed to Boise for a wedding the next day. We went to the mall(of course) and ate at Panda Express! Then we headed back to our hotel for swimming! The kids had so much fun and the room was really nice. There was this old guy in the pool with us at first, I did not think much about it, but then he really started giving me a creepy feeling. Needless to say I was very glad when he left. The next morning we ate at Denny's for breakfast (Clay LOVES that place) then drove downtown Boise to look at stuff and then headed to the wedding. My cousin Lisa was marrying Sean Cook; it was a small wedding but the bride looked gorgeous like usual. After the wedding we stopped at Panda again and then headed to Jerome to celebrate Vanessa's FOURTH birthday! Oh I cannot believe she is four. She is such a sweet little niece who absolutely LOVES green! I asked her during dinner, "Vanessa are you excited to open your presents?" and she replied, "but there isn't a Christmas tree?!" Oh so cute. She had a 3D Toy Story Birthday and got lots of fun stuff. The kids had a blast hanging out together as usual!

Pocatello Competition 1/15/11

Swimming at the Hotel
Getting Ready for the wedding

Lisa and Sean's wedding 1/22/11

Snapping pictures during the ceremony :)

Vanessa's Fourth Birthday!

3D Glasses

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