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November 2010

November always starts out with celebrating my "little" brother's birthday on November 4th. This year we joined my brother, his girlfriend-Hope, & my parents for dinner at Gertie's for his 19th birthday. The kids had a good time playing with the games and eating pizza & spaghetti. I am not a huge fan of the place, but they have some of the best dessert I pretty much just ate dessert the whole time. :)

Hope & Jett

Even though I do not have picture we had more going on between Nov. 4 & the 19th, but lately my camera has been acting up so I have not been taking it with me as much anymore. The first weekend of November was the CSI Harvest Festival. I look forward to it every is just a big craft show, but this year I was a little disappointed because it seemed that they just had all these booths with older ladies selling stuff from their house??? Kind of weird, but I got Brittley some super cute bows (I know, I know that I know how to make them LOL) but they were cute & I let her pick them out. The thing I Loved the most about the bows, however, was that the name of the business was called Chubby Cheeks Boutique! How cute huh? I bought some vinyl from MyTalkingWalls & that was pretty much it. Then we held our annual Mini-Bruin cheer clinic, & Brittley was officially apart of it this year. Every year she goes to the clinic & does a pretty good job, but this year it was three days & then a performance during the basketball half-time show...she did a great job, but got kind of nervous during her future cheerleader w/her brother to support her!
November 19, 2010

November 22, 2010 was the annual Bruins Football Banquet held at the Turf Club in Twin Falls. As I arrived late, yet again, & took my seat I realized for the last 3 years I have sat in the same chair, in the same spot, at the same table...then I looked around and every year they have the same decorations, the same layout for tables & chairs and the program, and the same bad food. We always take pictures afterwards, but my camera is acting funky so these were the best ones that turned out, luckily this weird guy started taking pictures too so hopefully I can get some decent ones of the girls & me. That night it started snowing really bad & I never have to go to practice on Tuesdays, but Cari's son got sick so I was just praying for a snow day because I did not want to drive in...needless to say as I was driving home that night Clay called to tell me that school was canceled. What was really nice, though, was that it was Thanksgiving Week & Brittley only had to go to school Monday because of the snow day & I never had to go in once. Happy Snow Day to me!



This is just a random shot of Tate, he slept like this with his backpack on ALL NIGHT! Funny little boy!
THANKSGIVING: November 25, 2010- Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year. We just went over to my mom's during the day, ate at about 6 when everyone else got there, & then I stayed the night with the kids. I went to Walgreens when I first got up because they were having killer everything I bought that day for FREE! I took Sarah Davis with me too so she could do her first couponing at Walgreens. After that I just went to my moms & we hung out watching movies, making food, & just being lazy. I had all of my homework done so that was a plus...I just got to enjoy the holiday. When Vanessa walked in Brittley realized they were wearing the same shirt! She thought that was really cool & the next day they wore the same one again so they could match.
I always look forward to Thanksgiving because of the next day which is BLACK FRIDAY! That is my holiday...I am a shopper, therefore, I live for that day. I went with my sister, Martice, at 5 in the morning. We hit up Walmart, Target, & the Mall..then I took her back to my mom's & I went back out hitting up Fred Meyer's, Old Navy, and Michael's. I did not get too many things except the kids' pajamas & movies. I really wanted a TV, but people camped out all night to get them & then they were fighting over them so I decided it was not worth it, but what was really funny is I went back the next week to Walmart and got the same TV for the same price & no one was there. Oh how they fool us sometimes on black friday, but it is still worth it!

The entire HALL family
The Sisters: Martice, Amanda, & Brianne

If you are wondering about these pictures...I was trying to get a good one of us and Clay started making faces!

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