Monday, January 3, 2011

August 2010

I am trying to wrap things up....since I started school during the fall semester I did not have much time for anything extra...meaning the very sad last post way back in August, but this is pretty much the rest of our August captured on film. We went swimming again at Nat-Soo-Pah, but this time Grandma Paul came with us! Clay, Kip, and Clint were able to make it this time around, it was a fun little adventure for the family!

And this is just a shot of everyone...even the butt of a lady getting out of the pool! LOL

August 21, 2010~The annual Joe Mama's Car show is always another adventure since Grandma and Grandpa Paul enter in their mustangs every year. We walked around, ate free ice cream, and checked out all of the cool cars. Brittley even got to meet Spider Man!...Tate was too scared to see him...maybe next year!

And lastly this was one of Tate's favorite adventures...playing in the dirt...and running around in his underwear! He is a boy through and through I'm just glad I captured such a good picture of him playing in the dirt!

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