Tuesday, January 11, 2011

December 2010 minusChristmas

December 2010 flew by so quickly! It was probably because I cannot ever remember a Christmas season being SO BUSY! I finished up my 1st semester of school...I was constantly hitting the books because of finals, cheer was super busy during December as well because there were weeks when we had 4 games a night! & then adding work & shopping, Christmas parties & everything else in between. But overall it was a great Christmas season with lots of love, presents, family, friends, & filling the spirit. I have been wanting to take family pictures since the summer, but it never happened...so I took picture of the kids to make my Christmas cards. This picture of our family was taken Labor Day Weekend at my mom's house...turned out pretty good so I made it a keeper. Taking pictures of the kids is always a chore because Tate always cries?! I am not sure why...he is 3 we are passed the 2 year old phase that hates taking picture yet there he was crying again...I FINALLY got him to smile!

December 11, 2010-Every year we have a Christmas party with the Pollard side of the family (Judy's Mom's side) it is always fun to hang out with everyone, eat yummy food, & open presents. This year it was better than usual because we are all friends on facebook...so we know a little more about each other :).....anyways it was fun. We always do kind of a yankee swap gift exchange & I did not want anyone taking my gift so I picked chocolates and scissors (safe bet right??) & Clay got an LED lantern. Tate made his own version of Yankee swap because he opened a Buzz Lightyear toy and left with a wooden tool set...funny little boy & Brittley got princess stuff!

December 13, 2010-Brittley had her first school Christmas program. It was held at Hansen High School..directed by LEEJEAN STANGER & Jessica Erikson. They did such an awesome job with the whole production. Each grade sang a different song, it was funny because everyone sang really loud until you got to the sixth graders....too coo to sing you know??!! The Kindergartners sang Jingle Bell & Wesley in 2nd Grade sang All I Want For Christmas is my 2 Front Teeth, then all together they sang We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Afterwards Santa visited and gave everyone a treat sack! Great Job Brittley!

December 16, 2010 was our last home game before the break so the cheerleaders wore Santa Hats to cheer in. I'm not sure why I only have pictures of the Varsity squad, but I do...such cute girls! The other picture is of Kelsey & Amber, they are on the Freshman squad, this was their get-up after they were one cheering, I love their outfit what a cute idea!

December 17, 2010-The next day we headed to Boise for something very exciting.....Amanda's Graduation from BSU!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am of her. Her story could be a lifetime movie, she dropped out of high school, ran away from home, did drugs & seriously lost her way...then something dramatic happened one night with her friends, they were out partying & one of the friends died who did the same drug...the switch went on & she turned her life around. She got her GED enrolled at BSU & is now a graduate in Geology....she was the only girl in her division!!! I am SO PROUD of her...I cried at the graduation & so did my mom at the same part, even though we were not sitting by each other weird huh?? It was after she received her diploma, they had the entire staff line up between the aisle and the graduates do a "walk of honor" & that was when the tears came down...so proud so proud I love my sister...and the special guy in the middle is James Morris her fiance. They are getting married June 11, 2011...I cannot wait!

December 20, 2010 was our cheer Christmas party at Hop 2 It. The girls did not jump as much as thought they would, but my kids sure did. We were there from 1-3 & I seriously saw Tate like twice, he LOVES that place! We ate soup & salad & then had a gift exchange. We usually draw names, but this year we did just a yankee swap, but I bought my gift WAY in advance when we were in Park City because they had an Abercrombie Outlet...so my gift was an Abercrombie shirt, some sleep shorts, fuzzy socks, a bruin pen, & a picture collage & I did NOT go over 10!! Needless to say my gift was the first one stolen, stolen, and then stolen again to the winner...everyone wanted it! I got a fleece blanket & a candy bar, but as soon as we got in the car Tate was like "That's mine!" On the way out of the building, I guess Tate was tired, but he ran into a wall & got a HUGE goose egg on his head! Poor guy the place just wore him out!

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