Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas with the Stangers to come later

Every year we spend Christmas Eve at my parents; stay the night and then wake up, open presents & then head over to hang out with the Stangers. We used to go to Kevin & Judy's house, but now we go to the Stake Center which works out really well with all of our active kids. We all just sit around, eat yummy food, talk, the kids roam around, & then we open presents. This year I bought a BIG BIG present for Clay and gave it to him by doing a scavenger hunt around the church. Judy & I went over on Christmas Eve to get it all set up & then while I took him around the family would put the present in the Nursery where we always eat & hang out. The first clue told Clay to start off by going to room 19, next to it was a Loofah & another clue. The second clue told him to go to room 3, next to The Office: Season 6 was clue #3. Next up was the primary room with Inside Outs (junior mints) & clue 4...the last clue was in the gym with Reese's Peanut Butter Trees, & the last clue read: You've found the last clue and the present is going to be grand, now you have to decide do you want it on a wall or on a stand????...and Clay walked into the Nursery to find.......

A 42" Emerson TV!!!

It was a big decision to buy it, but I went for it and was so glad I did. We have it in our room because we do not want the kids touching it, and we LOVE IT! I just love how big & how nice the picture is & Clay was sooooo SURPRISED! This is the first year I have ever been able to seriously surprise him. He had no idea what I was going to get him & I stored it at Kevin & Judy's. So even though he was not very nice ALL year long I caved in because it was just as much my gift as it was him & I'm always nice ;)

Every year we do a gift exchange with each other on the Stanger side, but this year we got a big present because Josh was released to come home on December a thought popped in my head one day & I told everyone else my idea: instead of doing a gift exchange with each other why not just get Josh something because he has not been here for awhile...everyone loved it so that was what we did...good warm fuzzy feelings..I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Judy made all the girls skirts & gave the boys a shirt & tie..we got a bag with a cook book, swedish fish, flour, money, & a cute poem to go with it all. We had such a great Christmas....and then the best gift for last: When I got home I FINALLY opened my gift from Clay and got....


Merry Christmas 2010!

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