Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chrismas with the Halls 2010

Christmas 2010 was such a fun Christmas. My kids are 5 & 3 now, so they were VERY excited about Santa coming to visit. We opened are traditional gift of jammies on Christmas Eve & it was a little entertaining. Brittley & Vanessa tore though their gift and stripped down right away to put on their new jammies. Tate was not happy to be opening his gift, he wanted so badly to open his "tracks" and since I put his jammies in an American Eagle bag he thought he was getting some weird gift. As he kept crying I told him to look inside and maybe Thomas was in he opened and reached in & pulled out his Buzz Lightyear slippers; exciting but not Thomas. He kept pouting & I said look again Thomas could be in there. He pulled out the pajamas not looking with a bad-attitude look on his face & then he finally looked at the jammies and his face lit up as he realized it was THOMAS! He then stripped down (underwear included!!) to put on his new jammies! Both Brittley & Tate got slippers this year with their jammies so they were very excited because I have never gotten them slippers. Then it was off to bed to wait for Santa. Brittley asked for a pink Teddy Bear & Tate wanted anything & everything Thomas...but Santa ended up getting him a Thomas Fleece Blanket. I got a new set of pots & pans & a new DVD player for the Car. Clay got a power starter for the car & hair clippers, Brittley got super spoiled getting a pink teddy bear, make up, a doll house, dress up clothes, a barbie scooter, new clothes, and lots of other stuff. Tate got a Thomas the train set, Thomas tub squirters, hot wheels tracks, books, and lots more. Thanks mom & dad & Martice & John for a great Christmas.

Before the madness!
Opening stockings....minus mom & dad because we were still in bed! ;)

Clean up!
Family Picture
Merry Christmas

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