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September 2010

The month of September was a busy busy month. So many things were going on and we were just one busy Stanger family. To kick off the month the annual Twin Falls County Fair was going on the 1-6. We went on the 3rd and had a good time as a family. The kids looked at all the animals and another year went by that we still have NOT rode any rides at the TF County Fair...Crazy huh??? I don't know how we ever manage to convince the kids to not ride them, but we have been successful every year...I don't think it will last! :)

Another exciting thing in September happened on Labor Day cousin finally got her Happily Ever After! I was so excited to see Travis and Sara married at the Sawtooth Winery in Nampa, Idaho. It was so nice outside and the wedding was beautiful. Sara's colors were pink and brown and she wore her mom's wedding dress. My sister, Martice, was one of the bridesmaids in the wedding. The kids enjoyed the wedding too....and everyone enjoyed them especially when Tate during the ceremony said Very Loudly: I HAVE TO POOP!! Oh the joys of an almost 3 year old! Here are some of the beautiful pictures!

But one of the biggest monumental happenings of September was BRITTLEY's FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!!! Such a big girl! I can't believe she is already 5 and going to school. It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with her and now she is growing up. She is a full-day kindergartner at Hansen Elementary and her teacher is Mrs. Schroeder. She was super excited to go to school...and still loves it! I am so proud of my big little girl and so is Tate! On the first day of school Tate kept saying, "Let's go get Brit" and he started crying when we didn't it was so cute, but then when Brittley got home I asked her what she did at school and she said, "I drew a picture of my brother." Oh how I love my kiddos!

On 9/11/2010 the kids and I were hanging out with my parents in Jerome...down the road at the Con Paulos Dealership they were having an out door exhibition. They had fire trucks, police man, we missed the helicopter, and they also were giving free tots and fries from Lamb Weston. It was such a fun little adventure for the kids. Tate was super thrilled about the Fire was all he wanted to look at and see! When they let him up in the truck he did not want to get out....maybe I have a future fire fighter??!!! I was not having the greatest day (which I won't go into detail about) so it was a nice distraction for me as well as the kids. Thanks Con Paulos for giving us something fun and free to do! :)

Besides school, weddings, and adventures we started another exciting adventure and that was SOCCER! Brittley brought the sign up sheet home from school and was just super excited to start playing. We took her to her first practice and things were good...then we took her to her first game and things were not so good. We lasted two games and after that she was done. It was not completely her fault we were gone a lot of the Saturdays, but she hated it! All she would do was want to sit out because she was "tired"....not likely I've never seen that girl get tired from anything LOL...but anyways it was fun to capture the adventure on film even if she did not like it very much. I'm pretty sure she'll follow in my footsteps even though Clay thinks she'll do sports...I guess we'll see as she gets older, but being around cheerleaders all the time kind of helps to push her in that direction! ;)

Her #1 Fan!...eating snacks with her team thinking he is a part of the team.

Brittley's team picture...she really was not the only girl, but it seems like it in this picture! She thought they were going to do the Pledge of Allegiance..aka the hand over her heart!

I got Tate a backpack after the school supplies were clearanced out at here are my two loves showing off their backpacks!

One of the best reasons for September besides going back to school???? TATE's BIRTHDAY! September 19, 2010...Mr. Tate Man turned 3!! We were very low key..his birthday landed on Sunday so we did just went to my parents and had cake and ice cream...Grandma and Grandpa Stanger came over to celebrate too. Tate's favorite present?? A Thomas toy from Grandma Stanger! Oh the love for Thomas that this boy has is just funny. Clay is not too fond, but he's three let him love him!

Last but not least...I coach cheerleading and even though I have plenty of pictures I just wanted to post our pictures that we got taken on September 22, 2010. We have 33 girls this year and I coach along side with Cari Libby. It was hard to get a picture with soooo many girls, but it turned out great and they all look GORGEOUS! Love coaching these young ladies....they were some of the inspiration that lead me to wanting to teach again!

Coaches: Cari Libby & Bri Stanger

Varisty: Stela Saltaga, Brenda Renteria, Jessica Child, Elise Roeser, Lexie Hepworth, Aspen Zebarth, Kelsi Straley, Angelica Price, Jenna Sharp, Jordyn Clark, & Alexi Hash

JV: Brooke Wood, Aubrey Allen, Katie Higley, Jocelyn Child, Page Hyden, Janaye Sermon, Kandice Johnson, Monica Esquibel, Taylor Hyde, Lucinda Surbrook, Carli Lutz, & Alyssa Jones

Freshman: Cheyenne Loveland, Kelsey Sharp, Kaylee Koreto, Alanis Jones, McKayla Crocker, Jenna Straley, Ashley Wilson, Stephanie Saldivar, Amber Bartlett, and Jessica Aguirre

Beautiful Bri

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