Wednesday, January 4, 2012

October 2011 Review

October was full of family, fun, and Halloween Spirit! Brittley is my little baker and good thing to because I hate to admit, but I am not always excited to bake because with the mixing, baking, and then is kind of tiring. But Miss Britt {LOVES} it so I made cupcakes and she frosted them. She does such a good job and really loves doing it. I always love seeing her so happy about little things, the joys of being a mom. 
Brittley's Cupcakes Finished! 
On October 24, 2011 for FHE we went over to Bryce and Shelly's to carve pumpkins with the Stanger Clan and to celebrate Clay's birthday which is on the 25th. We had tons of fun and this was the first time we ever carved pumpkins with the kids (we usually just paint them much cleaner :)) everyone had lots of fun and then afterwards we ate Clay's Costco Chocolate Cake, sang happy birthday and just enjoyed some quality family time.
The Stanger Fam
Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids *present* at the moment much more still missing {LOL}
Clay's cake...I never hear the end of this cake because it is his favorite and the one time I bought it I got the wrong I got it just for him Chocolate with chocolate filling from Costco and he was one happy boy!
My sexy 29 year old!

Ward Party was on October 28th, 2011...we had tons of fun. They had different kinds of soups and pies, the kid participated in a costume parade and just absolutely loved the Halloween excitement.
Minnie and Thomas the Train

Dorthy(Rees) & Cinderella(Maddie)
Minnie and Witch Lily
Thomas and Vampire Wesley
One of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty...the greatest costume ever made!

Clay and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary on October 29th, 2011 and although we usually go somewhere for our anniversary (love that tradition) we stayed home because we were leaving the following week for a family reunion in Zion's National Park. So we stayed and went to Sakura's with Brianne and Clint and we had a great time. It was not busy and we had a very relaxing dinner with some great company!!

On Halloween Night we went to my parent's ward's trunk-or-treat and then took the kids to a few houses around my parent's neighborhood and treated ourselves to McDonalds for dinner. This was probably the best Halloween so far because both kids understood what was happening and enjoyed the evening. I enjoyed watching them trick-or-treat and not give up after the first house!

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