Monday, January 30, 2012


 In 2011 I made my first quilt (actually finished)! I started another quilt awhile ago, but I still have not finished it. But this quilt I did. I decided to do something with all of my cheer shirts from coaching and voila a quilt was made! I started this awhile ago, but did not cut them out quite right so shirts that I had already cut had to be pieced with other materials to make the right size of square.

 After cutting the squares I sewed a border around each square with alternating columbia and navy blue strips. I finished the quilt by putting a white border around the entire quilt to finish it and put navy on the back. It is a very comfortable quilt and this way I will be able to cherish my coaching/cheer memories forever. (Some of the squares are from when I cheered, graduated, and went to nationals)
 The final production!
 This a fitted car seat I made for a lady. It was the first time I made this kind of car seat tent and it turned out pretty good. It also has a split opening in the front.

 I may have already posted this, but here is another car seat tent I made for Retha and her new baby Vaughn. I love the colors of this fabric!

 This is the very short table runner I made for Halloween this year. I do not have a large table, so little it had to be. It was the first time I sewed pleats so that was cool to learn.
 Here is the final production with some decor to go along with it. I also made a Halloween wreath, but did not take a picture of it. I just used black and white fabric with some fun accessories. 
 This last craft I made was a shirt for Brittley. It was spirit day at KES and Brittley did not have any red shirts so we improvised and I just made some red yo-yo fabrics and put them on her shirt.
 Close up of the flowers
 Miss Thing posing

The neat thing about crafting is all of these were done while I was still in school. I sometimes have so much going on I cannot think straight, but when I find time to do something enriching for myself I feel extra special for being able to squeeze it in!

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