Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 2011 minus Christmas and NYE

 On December 3, 2011 Brittley had her first dance recital at the Festival of Trees out at the Southern Idaho Landscape Center. She was a spider and did a dance to a mix that had different spider things. She did a fabulous job and had her first stunting experience as a backspot....I was one Proud Momma!
 Waiting with classmates before they went to perform!
 My beautiful dancer <3
 Talking to Santa
 Rees is in the minis class and they did a banana dance that was super cute. Rees did an awesome job and was so cute up on stage performing!
 After the dance recital I did not take a lot of pictures but here is the Pollard Christmas Party on December 17, 2011. We always love this get together and seeing family members. In the kids gift exchange Brittley got a My Little Pony toy and Tate got a remote control car complete with batteries (one of his favorite household items) Clay got a cool lantern/flashlight and a fishing tackle box. I got a chalkboard and a Christmas decoration made by our fabulous cousin was soo neat I should have taken a picture. She took an old book and put a Christmas story in the opening then mod podged it to be stiff and then painted NOEL on it, added some ribbon and voila it was an awesome Christmas decoration. We got a good haul this year!
 Our annual Pollard picture each year it varies in size :)
 On December 19, 2011, we started a new tradition with the Stanger fam and went to Sizzler to eat and instead of doing a gift exchange with our families we got a needy family and bought for them. It was very exciting to teach our kids the real meaning of Christmas and have them help us pick out presents for other people in need. I was very blessed to participate in this endeavor and I am very excited that we are going to make this our family tradition. The cousins loved eating out all together and hanging out in the booths with one another!
 On December 20, 2011, I took Brittley to the Hansen Christmas Program so she could watch her cousins and see her old teacher. We had a good time listening to the kids sing and Brittley had a good time snapping random pictures but getting a few good ones. 

 Doesn't Grandpa look excited to be here??? :)
 Lily, Brittley, Maddie, and Wesley wating in line to see Santa!
 On December 23, 2011, I attended Nikola and Austin Overacre's wedding in Kimberly. It was beautiful ceremony and I am so excited for the happy couple!

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