Thursday, January 5, 2012

November Recap 2011

 At the first of November we took a family trip to St. George, Utah and then headed to Zion's National Park for the Morgan Reunion. It was a great little vacation with the family and we had tons of fun. We left Tuesday night and stayed in Kaysville with Clay's Aunt, then headed to St. George on Wednesday. My grandparents live there during the winter so we visited with them and stayed in a hotel (with a pool of course) and had fun hanging out as a family. The kids loooove to swim and had a great time cooling off in the pool in the nice St. George weather.

 After arriving in Zion's and getting settled we just hung out with family and enjoyed each others' company. The only thing that was bad about the trip this year was the was not warm like it normally is so we all wore coats and pants; just like being back home! On Friday a big group went and hiked Angel's Landing. Something I never volunteer to participate in because I am deathly afraid of heights so I stayed back and watched kiddos. It is so fun to watch all the cousins play together; there were six little girls all around the same ages and although Mayzee and Rena did not really know what the older girls were up to they still had fun hanging out all together. This picture is of Rees and Kara going to "sleep" and Brittley and Remmi reading them a bed time story from the Bibles that are in the room. What holy little girls! stinking cute! 
{Cousins are the best of friends}
 On Saturday we always have little relay races, fun games, and an auction with the entire family and it was raining so we held it in doors in the hotel conference room. This game is you start with an oreo on your forehead and have to get it into your mouth without using your hands. The little kids and teenagers were hilarious to watch so us adults got in on the action and too and I could not stop laughing. All these 20-40 year olds trying to get Oreos into their mouths so so funny.
 After the Oreos there was a hula hoop contest for the kids. Brittley won in her round and she kept crossing her arms like a gangsta when she would hula hoop. It was so funny and I am not really sure where she picked that up, but it was entertaining to watch. She did not win, however, amongst the rest of the kids.
 Here is Remmi showing off her hula hoop skills!
 After the kiddos went us girls got out there and hula hooped and it was all Stangers representing! After hula hooping for quite a while they made us walk in a circle while still hula hooping, I started to get a little more funky instead of just walking in a circle so mine finally fell...but I came in second! Good to know I still have the moves!!
 Karina was the champion of the hula hoop contest!
 This was all of our Stanger Clan that was present in Zions 2011
 Here is are whole Stanger side that was present at Zion's 2011...lots of people and still much more that were not there!
 On Friday we went hiking on some trails with Brianne and Clint's fam. This is up at Weeping Rock.....
 and the start of the Weeping Rock Trail.
 Brittley and I at the end of our hiking trail where it leads into the narrows.
 The group at the top of Angel's Landing
 I cannot remember when it snowed exactly but there was actual snow and here was Tate playing in the snow. This kid was outside for hours just playing hard in the snow that we haven't seen since this snowfall.

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