Sunday, February 19, 2012

Boise Trip Feb. 3rd

 Our family took a little road trip down to Boise in February so Clay could meet with Landview in Nampa and in the process we had a nice family "mini" vacation. We swam in the pool Thursday night (and as you can see the kids were very excited) This is them in the elevator going down to the first floor.

 After we got out of the pool we went and got Panda Express and headed to bed! 
 Clay had to leave early for his meeting so the kids and I hung out at the hotel waiting for him. This is what the kids love about hotel rooms....they can jump on the bed :) So I caught the two monkeys in action while they jumped from bed to bed. 

 After jumping on the bed a bit I took some pictures of the kiddos next to the windows and the view of our soon to be "home"!! The kids, Clay, and I are soooo excited to move there, but I don't think any of them are as excited as me because I am moving BACK to my home :)

 The kids playing "office" Clay called after this and got done with his meeting way before check out so we did not have to go anywhere and leave our bags at the front desk. It worked out perfectly and the funniest thing about this morning was we had cable at our fingertips (something we do not have at home) and what did the kids watch?? their choices ;) 
 First we headed to REI so Clay could check out their stuff. Brittley found a very cute bike and I found the nicest jogging stroller, but being at REI it was expensive. So Brittley probably will not get the pink bike from there and I am hoping to luck out with Craigslist to find the's all about compromise! Afterwards we went to lunch at the Olive Garden and then headed to the mall.
 Both kids found some great purses lol
 This was Brittley and I waiting for Tate to finish in the bathroom.....he took a long time as you can tell by us taking pictures
After the mall we headed home and on the way home the most eventful thing happened. We were outside of Mountain Home driving when Tate woke up crying/wimpering and I thought he was having a bad dream and then all of a sudden he just started throwing up! I started freaking out (I don't handle situations like this very well) and being in the car we didn't really have anything so it was all over the back seat. I grabbed a bag that had food in it and it had a hole in it so it got all over my pants and brittley's seat too! SOOO GROSS! Clay pulled over and we started cleaning but he told Tate to take his clothes off and so Tate took it ALL off and was standing there on the side of the road naked. He told him to put his underwear on, but instead of tending to him he kept cleaning, so I got out to help out my distressed little man and put jammies on him while I changed my pants too. After that things quieted down but oh the smell was terrible. I guess this was one of those moments where you just think...."oh the things I do as a parent!" 

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