Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Remodel Part 2: Kitchen

 The other part of the remodel was the kitchen. I can honestly say I was not sad to see this kitchen go. I was very excited about a new kitchen with no wallpaper trim. So here we go through the steps of remodeling a kitchen!
 Stove area and notice the holed up door....it will change as we go through!
 Door, extra window to see into the kitchen and entry way...sink area and fridge before
 How we lived for a few weeks, but even tighter because the next day the fridge and the stove were moved into the living room as well. We lived off of the microwave, ate only with plastic utensils and paper plates, and poor Clay pretty much could never find anything to eat for dinner.
 After everything was torn out (stove area)
 Entry way 
 Sink area
 Dining room
 Getting some new walls

 NEW CABINETS!!! Look how nice it already looks just with that door boarded up and new cabinets put in!

 New Fooring
Look no window! 
This was a process and I have new sympathy for anyone who undergoes a massive remodeling on their house because it really stinks not being able to use a kitchen even if it was for a few weeks, I couldn't imagine going longer without it. We ate Sunday dinners at my mom's and then ate sometimes with Clay's mom just to save us from eating microwaveable food all the time. But it was ALL WORTH IT! I have so much more room, not only with cabinets but counter space as well. My kitchen is sooo much cleaner looking too and I really appreciate it. I am so grateful for the remodel, and even though we are not going to be living here for too much longer I am so glad to have this nice kitchen and bathroom while we are still here!!!

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