Sunday, February 19, 2012

Payton's First Birthday

 Little Miss Payton turned 1 in February and we helped celebrate her big day. We ate pizza and salad and then opened presents and watched her eat her cake! This picture above is so sweet because she got a blanket and pillow and this was the first thing she did...lay down and snuggle with it! SO stinking cute :)
 Brittley and Kaylyn laid down with her too!

 Another snuggly blanket!
 Singing happy birthday and Payton was dying to get a hold of that cake!
 She was good and devoured the cake
 This is Tate's second piece of cake because the first one he dumped on the floor

 Tate was pretty much absent from the whole party because Kaylyn had this sweet fisher price computer this was where he was for most of the party. I guess it worked out because besides another little little guy he was the only big boy there!
 Miss Kaylyn
Brittley wearing her party favor!

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