Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The River & Augie

 To the river we go! I can't remember the exact date, but it was a Saturday in August. Brianne stayed on shore and watched Augie so I could go wakeboarding (thank goodness for great Aunts & Sister-in-laws!!) for the first time all summer. It has only been one year, but I was so nervous to do anything on the wakeboard, it felt foreign to me. I kept thinking why did I never attempt to do things when I was younger and not so worried about getting hurt? Now I am so scared to try anything. But I got up and got to wakeboard so I was happy! This is the waterfall somewhere on the river and it is the second time my kids have swam to it. They LOVE the water and LOVE to swim!! Clay went with them while I stayed on the boat. I was dead tired, after wakeboarding we just swam and so I was exhausted at the moment.
 Tate was falling behind Brittley and Clay.
 Hyrum decided to join them...
 Rees and Morgan were going to go too, but then decided it was too far! It was a great day to swim and be in the boat!
 Here are some 2 1/2 month pictures of Augie. This one is my favorite face because his cheeks are HUGE! When he gets this concentrated look on his face his cheeks look like they are stuffed full and it is so stinking cute!

 His sweet feet (That are not that big, but the picture makes them look like it ;)
My tummy sleeper..I know I am not supposed to but it is the only way I can get him to take a nap on his own. So since I cannot carry him all day long I just check on him over and over to make sure he is just fine. 

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