Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Joe Mama's Car Show

 Another day at the car show! We usually go every year, except last year we had too much going on. But we were there this year and the kids had lots of fun. Tate is so into cars and had a great time looking at things. This truck stood out big time and Tate was very enthralled with it, but he was eating ice cream so I kept saying DON'T TOUCH IT! Because not only could I see him doing that, but the guys that owned this truck and the motorcycles near it were sitting right there. It was funny because they were big, tough guys with lots of tatoos so I told him if he touched any of the vehicles those guys would get him. I know mean right? But I did not want to pay for a detail on these vehicles!
 Tate was trying to push Brittley out of the picture and telling her this stuff was for only boys!

 Sorry for the sideways picture, but this is Tate inside the tank from the National Guard

 The 3 grandkids, Augie was strapped to me so he is not in the picture

 This "paint" job is duck tape! Could you imagine what the car is going to look like when they peel that tape off??!! Crazy people!
 Riding in the train!!

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