Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cousin Day 2012

 Before I get to cousin day I had to add this stinking cute picture of Augie. Aunt Tina sent these cute hooded towels and look how cute he is in it!! This big smile shows how big those cheekers are once again!! Love my little man!
 Every summer we get the cousins together (more than once) but this is always the tradition at the end of the take a group photo. Sometimes there are lots of cousins and sometimes there are only a few. But there has never been ALL the cousins all at once. Someday I hope it happens, not only for my sake but my mother-in-laws. I mean it has been probable 10+ years since she has had ALL of her kids & spouses with her at the same time, isn't that crazy?? Well anyways the kids had a great time playing together and us mothers love being with one another and just talking. The kids are all growing soo fast and Leejean, Shelly, and I are all adding to the next generation. I mean we were doing pretty good since Mayzee is the next cousin up and she will be 3 in February. I am so grateful for marrying into such a large family with so many cousins for my children to have because nothing is better than having family to play with!!
 Getting the kids to take a picture is getting harder even though it should be easier since they are getting older, but the funny face photos always works!!

 Mayzee makes me laugh all the time, she is just such a character and here she is in her hat. Later during the day when she was getting tired she lifted a baby doll stroller over her head while screaming, "Mom HELP me!!" Then the stroller is broken so it veers to the left whenever someone tries to push it so all of a sudden we hear her screaming. We look over it is just her and the stroller; she was screaming because it was not working right lol She is so funny, I just being love being around her. 
A few of the bike riders! I cannot believe how old all of these kids are getting! It makes it pretty nice for us mommas and Grandma because we do not have to chase them around so much. As long as no one is crying or screaming we know they are good. :) 
We LOVE cousin Day!

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