Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Surprise Trip to Blackfoot

On August 23rd my mom, the kids, and myself headed to Blackfoot to surprise our family. My Aunt & Cousin were having a Dezigner Dudz party for Cassia and so we decided to head down and join them. Not only was it a nice surprise for them, but for us as well because my cousin who just got back from his mission flew in that day. He is going to BYU-I and was coming for school so yeah for surprises!! We had a great time visiting and hanging out. Plus I got to spend time with my BFF who I love and don't get to see often!! Augie's little outfit was so cute so I had to get some photos of him, his face expressions are hilarious!! Love my little Augsters!

Augie & Tate with Great Grandpa Gianchetta
Tate & Mommy
Tate trying to ruin the picture by jumping in
Brit & Brannon

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