Friday, August 20, 2010

Wurtz's Last Day

We had such a fun time with cousins this summer and loved having the Wurtz's here for a month. We always hate living sooo far from family, but love seeing them when we can. We went swimming, had weenie roasts, and lots of fun and laughter! Logenn and Hadley got to see me in my element at cheer practice and I just loved being around little Chase. Braeden had so much fun playing with Brittley and Tate just loves to be around long as they are outside! Thanks for the memories we will miss you guys!

Tina, Shelly, Bri, Leejean, Brianne, & Judy only missing one sis: Karina!

Tate sat on the swing for about 5 minutes crying because no one would push him....awww poor kid!

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