Friday, August 13, 2010


We went to Nat-Soo-Pah for the first time this year with the Stanger Family. It was a ton of fun and Brittley was a little fish. I love that this pool allows floatees and things because all I had to do was put a life jacket on both kids and they were good. Tate was stuck to me like glue the whole time so it wouldn't have mattered anyway. There is one big pool and it is a heated pool and then a hot tub and a soak pool...which is SUPER hot!! There is a fun slide for the kids to go down and a low and high dive. Logenn wanted me to go off the diving board so I showed off a little. I did a front flip and two back flips...and that was actually the FIRST time I had ever done a back flip off the diving board!! I just figured if I can do it on the ground I can do it off a diving board and voila...I DID!!! 25 and still flipping who hoo!!

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