Monday, August 9, 2010


We had such a blast at the Eclipe Movie Party this year. We took a bigger group and went up to Pocatello, shopped at the mall, ate at a restaurant like Cafe Rio, and then went to see a FABULOUS movie! Oh it made me laugh so hard in parts because Jacob always has shirt off at the most random instead of being like ooooh he is so gorgeous, I just kept laughing! Shelly and I were in a different movie theater than the rest of the group because there just were not any seats left, but we all got to see it just the same. We got bite mark tatoos and just love saying we were BITTEN! The group consisted of: Shelly Stanger, GayLyn, Martice, Amanda, Jett, Beth, Grandma, and of course me! Then we got to see our greatest friend Cassia while we were there! Thanks everyone for a wonderful time together! Even though the pictures say 6-30 we actually got to see the movie on JUNE 29, 2010...oops!

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