Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Utah Trip Day 2

July 13, 2010:

Day 2 of our Utah trip and we went to the Hogo Zoo, Applebees, and Heritage Park. The kids had tons of fun at the zoo looking at all the animals. They cooled off with a yummy ice cream cone and got to ride on the merry-go-round. I loved looking at all the different animals they had. I love elephants they absolutely fasicnate me. The baby elephant..Zuri..weighed 840 pounds! A baby!! Crazy how big they are.

After the zoo we stopped at Heritage park where Brigham Young stopped and said, "This is the place." After traveling all across America to find a home for the mormons to establish once again. So neat to finally see the exact spot where they picked Salt Lake City as the city to start up again.

Last we decided to sit down and eat instead of fast food again. We picked Applebees because they have Pepsi products (silly huh?!), anyways we punched it into the GPS and followed the directions. All day I was teasing my dad about going to the Gateway mall and just laughing because my dad HATES shopping and I LOVE it. So we were driving and we passed it and turned down the next road and were behind all these buildings. I started laughing and said, "Dad guess where we are??....THE GATEWAY!!" He was like Oh Crap...but they let me look around for a little bit because they love me! It was a great trip with my parents and we had tons of fun! Thanks mom and dad for letting us come along!


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