Friday, August 10, 2012

Ward Camp-out & Stake BBQ

The Ward Camp-out was July 20th & 21st, but since we had a wee little baby and not to mention our dog was in heat, we decided to just head up Saturday morning and enjoy the fun stuff without the camping part. It was lots of fun and we had a good time hanging out with our families and ward families. This is a picture of the spider-web game. I did not participate due to Mr. Augie, but I enjoyed watching everyone else! They hung up a "web" in between two trees and the objective was to have a person go through each facet of the web with as little movement of the web as possible (there was a bell that would track the movement). Some were easy being that they were close to the ground, but the higher up ones were a little trickier. Tate was used with the High Priests because I guess they could not lift any of their guys up??!! 

 Tug-o-war with a great hunky guy at the end a.k.a. my sexy hubby Clay!! They won, that's right and if you look at the effort he is putting in he was dead serious about winning!! LOL

 They had little jean bags that were called "possible" bags for the kids & adults to decorate and put their "possible" findings in their bags as they camped. Here is Miss Brittley's finished bag that she is modeling!!
 Mayzee & Brittley
 Bow & Arrows!! What would we do without Pinterest?? These awesome things were found of that great website and the kids had a blast! Some string, wood, and pvc pipe is all you need to keep kids entertained for hours!!

 My little bandanna baby!! They gave each camper a bandanna so even though mine is not so great my little Augsters looks so stinking cute in his!! Plus it kept the sun off his little head!

 The Stake BBQ was on the same night and even though it was a long day it was so fun. This is Tate at the dunk tank. He waited in line for a long time, and kept saying, "This is taking forever!" but he was very excited to go. I was going to record him, but he went so fast I missed it. He got up there and BAM first try got the kid into the tank. Everyone started cheering because none of us, even myself, were not expecting him to get it on his first try! So way to go TATE!! I guess T-Ball paid off??!! LOL

 The kids had a blast at the bounce houses!!
 Lily & Brittley

 Lily, Maddie, & Brittley

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