Friday, August 10, 2012

Blessing Day & My Birthday

 Blessing Day for Augie was very special. Not only was it shared with mine & Rees's Birthdays, but it was Clay's first time blessing one of our children. He was very nervous and stressed before the "big" day, but when the time came to deliver he did an excellent job. I was so proud of him and of the man he has become. The men who stood in were: Bishop Giles, Great Grandpa Gianchetta, Grandpa Hall, & Grandpa Stanger, Kip, Bryce, Clint, and Jett. Everyone else there to show support was Great Grandma Gianchetta, Grandma Hall, Great Aunt Genese, Uncle Scott, Maren, and Caleb Brower, Derek, Sarah, Braylee, & Brody Davis, Paul Stanger, Aunt Leejean, Wesley, Lily, Maddie, & Dexter Stanger, and Aunt Brianne, Mayzee, & Rees Richards, and Uncle John, Aunt Martice, & Vanessa Fontes.

Lots of people came to see Augie blessed and we were so grateful for all the love and support. Afterwards we had a luncheon up at Grandma & Grandpa Stanger's. It was lots of fun to hang out with everyone and eat yummy food!!
 The Blessing Day was also my birthday. Every year I usually go to Fred Meyer's to get a very yummy cake (they make the best) the picture speaks for itself. This one was more of a tart with bavarian cream ooohhh sooo good! I loved it, everyone else thought it was too rich, but I loved it. My birthday was pretty low key because of the blessing and it being on Sunday. Saturday night Clay and I + Augie went to Outback and then to the mall to shop. So thanks for all the birthday wishes, another year has come and gone and I could not be more blessed!!!
 The Big 2-7

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