Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blog break

No pictures this time just words. I am completely head over heels swamped right now. I am starting final week(s) and it is not fun. I have one huge final on Tuesday for speech. It is no notes and over 11 CHAPTERS!! I have been outlining and reviewing all week long; I dream about the notes I take and just pray that I am dreaming the right information :). I am very nervous and excited to take this test because it is worth a lot of our grade and I am excited to get it over with. After speech I have a 6-10 page paper due in English. I was going to start it this week, but have been so overwhelmed with Speech it did not work out, so I am going to end up doing what I always do with English and wait till the last minute, but at least after the gruesome test Tuesday I can start working on my paper that is due on Thursday. I then have a Math and Information Science final on May 8th. Math is just the bain of my existence and I was excited at first because I thought it was just the last chapter test...NOPE! Chapters 1-6 and Chapter 8 (a chapter that we did not even cover)! I am now going to be head over heels swamped with math studying. I just really hope that information will stay tucked in my brain! I have been mostly getting B's on these tests and so I am hoping, praying to get around the same grade because if you do not get a 60 on this test you will not get a C in the class. I am at an 89 right close to an A it is insane and I want it bad!! Information Science is all Microsoft programs that counts as your computer literacy exams to graduate from CSI. Even though I am pretty well rounded now in all Microsoft programs this final has high implications because if you do not pass you do not graduate. I am not too worried, to be honest because I have done really well in the class and we get a page of notes for the final. I am just so stressed about SPEECH and MATH!!

Now that I have ranted about school I will rant about other happenings. I am not only starting finals weeks but my kids start swimming lessons May 1st, I have a drs. appointment May 2nd, my mom's 50th birthday is May 9th, Graudation is May 11th, Mom's birthday party is May 12th, and May 13th is mother's day. It always happens like this. Either you have nothing or everything and I am so looking forward to lots of these events, but most of all I am looking forward to getting a break before little Augie makes his entrance into this world. I do not have everything for him yet, I do not even have my car seat so if he comes early I will be panicking!! I have lots to do, but I needed a blog break to get my stresses out in front of me so I can remember the craziness I have been going through in order to get my degree!!

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